A watery Christmas

I recently discovered that I have this amazing aptitude to sleep through any ride on any transport; ferry, airplane, bus, car, etc. As long as I am alone and I am not steering the wheel, I’m off in dreamland.

I recalled my trip to Europe on a 13-hour plane journey having sweet affair with ‘zhou gong” (Chinese sleeping god). It’s amazing how one can sleep through any journey like that, skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel proud of myself *sniff*. Maybe that’s the reason why I never had jet lag problems.

Compare to the 13-hour sleep, I guess sleeping my trip back from Singapore on a 5-hour bus ride seemed child’s play. I left rainy Singapore at 8:30am and reached home safely around 2:30pm. And continue to catch my ‘nap’ from 3:25pm till dinner at 8pm.

I ought to get an award for my achievements.


My trip in Singapore was kinda ‘disturbed’ and though I would still say it was a fantastic trip none-the-less, I can’t helped but to feel like cursing when I read the newspaper my first morning in Singapore.

I woke up from my room at around 11am when my friend, Calvin, was already sitting in the living room flipping through the newspaper. He shoved the main page to me as I sat down next to him. “You know your hometown is flooded?” said him. Wow, what wonderful news is it to tell a friend away from home on a Christmas escape.


For those of you who have been to my house, and for those of you who haven’t, and worry that my house would be drowned. Let me say this, the day the water level reaches my front yard is the day the whole of Melaka town is in deep shit.

I mean seriously, my house is situated in one of the highest sea level landing in Melaka state. You need to climb up to my house from the road just to enter my house, literally.

Every time someone asked if my house is affected by the flood, I just felt like laughing. No offence to those flood victims who have my sincere condolences, but you couldn’t help but to crack at this question when you stay where I stay.

Anyway, back to my cursing. There goes my plan to visit ‘Sentosa’ in Singapore, a place I have heard of so many times but never had the chance of visiting, including this round.

….. *stares blankly at the paper* ….. (Feel like flushing the newspaper down the toilet.)

So instead, Calvin took me to what he claims to be the nicest high tea in town for a late brunch. At JW Marriott hotel?

I have two major weak points in life: really good food, mega sales and traveling. Wait, that’s three…? Nevermind. I love to eat, I’m born to be picky, not that I would rather die of hunger if there’s no 5-star restaurant to dine in. I mean that I love to eat exquisite delicacies, exotic food and fine cuisine. I appreciate a well prepared meal and decent atmosphere would add points to it. To me, to be able to enjoy a delectable meal is luxury. And mind you, I live a luxurious life.

Knowing my undying profound love for chocolates, my gut is telling me that Calvin is going to feed me like no body’s business during my trip here with mountains of chocolates. How do I tell?

what a cute Santa~!!

Fresh oysters!! Yum!

I think I am blind @_@

Also the fact that he has prepared at least 3-4 boxes of chocolates for me when I first arrived in Singapore pretty much sums up everything. *loosening my belt*

That Santa looks familiar~ :p

Huh? What diet? What are you talking about? Shut up.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Nice chocolates.. Wish could try some.. Heheeee.

  2. Nicole... you really do know how to enjoy! lol. And yea, the day my house gets flooded, they whole of Kuching city would be in trouble as well. lol. Anyway, those flood victims, my sincere condolences goes out to them.

  3. Oysters and chocolate? Sounds like you were being stuffed with aphrodisiacs. ;-) I'll pass on the oysters, but the cake looks nice.

    Glad you escaped the flood, speaking as someone who now lives in a country which is in a large part below sea level.

  4. You really can sleep, my God. Have a nice journey in S'pore. Merry Christmas & happy new year

  5. Who's Calvin? Your bf?

  6. Nothing much in Sentosa, actually. And it's expensive.

  7. no matter how flooded melaka .. .

    no matter where you go . . .

    no matter whether the sun still shines tomorrow . . .

    You my girl !

    still look CUTE !

  8. they look so delicious...........>< but happy holidays and new years oh~~~

  9. really sinful looking desserts...but the oysters dun look too freshy to me....hmmm.......

    looks like everybody here is safe from the floods....
    i wonder when is it gonna hit KL? (i live on a hill also!!!hahaha) and mind you....everybody i know in the construction industry is very skeptical about the effectiveness of the SMART tunnel.....

    Have a happy new year everyone...!!

  10. aiyoh....you whacked the santa claus also?! hahahahah

  11. Calvin sure knows how to spoil ya! Lucky fellow!