Back to Nature

The second day when I woke up after a sweet night sleeping in the comfort of my lovely hotel room, I decided its time for some activities.

Hohoho.. this is what I have been waiting for.. Nicole is heading out to sea!!

We rented a glass bottom boat by the beach, paid in US dollars!! And out to sea we go. Wee~~~~

Focusing our attention to the bottom of the boat as the driver streer our way away from land, I realised the sea of Bali was not what I had expected. Shallow and grassy...

Yea you heard me, Grass!! Theres freaking real land grass in the sea!! A whole lot of them!

Watch this for proof,

No joke, this is the first time I see real grass growing in sea water AKA salted water. Poor uncle, always have to take out the grass from the propeller, that's how shallow the sea is.

Do I resemble my mom? 'peace~'

Slowly, we moved into deeper area, and the Captain suggested us to do a bit of snorkeling.

So after I changed into swimsuit (I already wear inside la) and put on my life jacket, the captain and I made a dive from the back of the boat. My mom was determined to stay on the boat.

I must say, she was smart choosing not to dip in, cause the water was so COLD~~!!!

Jumping up and down in the water

mmm.. not bad actually

let's snorkel!

I wouldn't say Bali sea is the best I have been to. If I have to compare, I would say the sea in Redang (an island in Malaysia) is much clearer, more fishes, and more varieties of corals. But still it's (Bali) definitely worth a go, especially you don't get to see underwater land grass everyday. And the water is hell cold!

redang corals

redang fishies

After snorkeling, the captain took us to Turtle Island, with me soaking wet... =.= (what are you thinking). So I let down my hair to air dry.

I don't want to explain what's on Turtle Island, it would make me sound retarded. Besides, who named the island in the first place, it's like calling my hometown Melaka after Melaka tree. Mr. Obvious?

Click on the video to see the difference between a 5 year-old turtle and a 40 year-old turtle. Apology for the lack of camera techniques, my mom is a technophobe~

For those of you who don't understand Mandarin, the first part I was asking a fellow tourist to help my mom with the camera. The second part, my mom had problem differentiating taking a photo and a video with a camera, thus left me feeling like an idiot. >_<
I'm the Joker, get it?

pluck her hair

poke her head

The star of the island, everyone loves her

And finally, meet the love of my life~

What? I love snakes~


27 kissed Nicole

  1. u so like u..muax muax

  2. Sitting on a turtle and handling turtles the way you did has got to be illegal. They are wild animals, for goodness sake. Have some respect for them!

  3. You have a such a mickey mouse voice. haha. Nice video .. and your mom making the peace sign, haha, she prob knows more about its significance than our generation :).

  4. darlin u re getting pretty and prettier...
    but wat lar...status showing bz doing assignments...blogging pula...?#$&*(

  5. You are one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. I also find your voice very cute. I dont care for the sunglasses you are wearing though.

  6. the water at bali is certainly cold.... not sure which part u went to, but bali surely have better underwater world compared to redang......
    where was the turtle pics taken from?? handling of turtle is something u shouldn't do... what more riding on it.... it creates unnecessary stress to the turtle... maybe you should remove both the pics.... it can be quite an issue.....just my 2 cents worth

  7. Hey 'mocha', I think you are creating unnecessary stress to Nicole when you ask her to remove the pics.

    Just my 2 sen.

  8. lets just remember to not ride the turtles anymore....or any other "wild" animals that we come in contact with.

    peace all..........

  9. wah..hero kenny quickly jumping into nicole's defence. Hehe..

  10. Nicole, I love your sexy hair so much, ouch! :D

  11. Nicole, I love your sexy hair so much, ouch! :D

  12. I didnt view d turtle videos until i saw some of the comments..
    No worries.. it looks ok.

    I came accross ur blog from KennySia's. It's good. Keep it up!

  13. Hi, Read yr blog for the 1st time - Gd blogs & nice pics. Has added to My Favourites. cheers!

  14. Your blog rocks!! No cover ups, no make ups... original, cool!

  15. U lookin for prince charming,rite?
    I surely love to be yr prince charming.

  16. Why are you guys being so sensitive about her handling the turtle? She was just holding it for no more than 10 secs and besides, she didn't torture it or something, did she?

    She wasn't exactly sitting on the big turtle either. She was merely putting her hands on the shell and virtually sitting on a layer of air.

    Anyway at least that's what I saw on the video. Well, just my 2 cents and no offence people. Cheers and stay cool. :)

  17. Should b called "A Beauty in Bali".

  18. HEhehe.. i think nicole handle quite ok.

    Have you guys seen Discovery Channel b4? They handle those poor animals like wrestling.

  19. I think the turtle was VERY lucky. If it makes people ffel better Ill take the turtle's place and have her ride me. It wont make me stressed out.

  20. lol
    cant stop laughing for the video part.
    i experience that before.
    i tot photo is taken...mana tau, is video.

  21. :p that is not really land grass, thats the sea grass, it has a glossy leathery surface and if left out of salty water, it will become brittle, its very common in shallow water because it needs a considerable amount of sunlight :p if you were to spend a few mins observing the grass, u will actually see colorful fish playing in there ;)

    turtle riding is a common thing, those guys up there making it an environmental issue :p i have even seen people riding a 400 year old turtle back on my island. If a turtle gets stressed it will hide in its shell, as long its head is out means its still ok

  22. LoL.. I pity the bat.. seems so pity.. Lolz.. I thought batman are suppose to sleep in the morning? Then they so evil, flip open his wings and tie his neck.. But anyway, great picture for the batman.. Enjoy your holiday

  23. Well.. maybe nicole was told that it is okay or common to ride on the turtle, or maybe the managament does that to earn money? Who knows.. ask bali local...

  24. i always admired ladies holding onto snakes...
    for me i wouldn't 'dare' to handle something tt size :/

    awesome pics...the backdrop was incredible during sunset; hope i could be there too ;)

  25. lovely blog. you should visit Boracay and Palawan in Philippines.

  26. if u wanna snorkel like in redang go to lombok, id you wanna snorkel and see the real sea then go to manado for sure..
    if you love diving i suggest you to learn it and get more pro to get to see sharks, night dive (u can see things glow in the dark), barracuda, etc etc that is in deeper water..
    good luck and have fun, need info bout indo juz ask me..

  27. ow and guys, the turtles there is very used to human since they live soooooooooo long for tourists attraction, and that place is an island to breed green turtle, and all of the turtles are used to see human since small so they are exceptional..