Last and most exciting chapter in Bali

Munching on a Silver Queen Milk Chocolate and opening another pack of Delfi Chocolates, I slowly attached all my photos up to the net.

Just returned from a half day trip (last night go up, this morning come back) from KL after sending my friend, Yong, to the airport and made him promised me lots of Indonesians chocolates or never come back. :p Silver Queen Milk Chocolates is like the best South-East Asia produced chocolate you can get.

Got cashews one wo.. All cashews series~~ I like...

Quotes from this dude's blog:

If you have been to Indonesia, you probably have heard, seen or eaten this "SilverQueen" chocolate. You can find this kind of chocolate everywhere, from the biggest supermarket to the smallest shop in the villages. The original "SilverQueen" was invented and introduced to the market by my grandpa during the year in 1950s and the most famous one till now is "SilverQueen" milk chocolate bar with cashew nut . Until today, "SilverQueen" remains a leading chocolate brand in Indonesia. There are a lot of flavors, nut varieties and sizes of "SilverQueen".

Erm... sad story, his grandpa died after his wealth was cheated by some china guy, but this Chuang guy who bought the brand from him seems to be pretty well off, he also owned Delfi, the chocolate I am about to put in my mouth now. Mmm.. Nice guy...


"Everyone loves chocolate," he says.
But in much of Asia they just don't love it enough.

Rubbish!! Obviously they never met Nicole.

Why do I feel I can keep going and going on this Bali nonsense? I've written as though I have stayed there for one god damn month. So I better make this short and sweet.

So finally, it has reached the last day in Bali - the third day. Bless Airasia's soul, its flight delay has brought more benefit to us than harm. Delay is it? Good, white water rafting before I fly!!

7:30am in the morning and I was already at the lobby waiting for our ride to Ayung River, where most of the Grade 3 white water rafting activities are going on. 1hr 30 mins of bumpy ride in a van and we arrived at the centre where we were asked to make payment. USD 30 per pax for a two-hour ride. Hell, why everything in USD!!

The gears were almost intolerable, oh, gearing up was easy, it's the smell that was excruciating, I doubt they ever washed those things. The head gear smell like rotten fish!!! I'm so going to get lice after this.

going down the stairs

We made our way down the sloppy stone steps which, I can tell you, it's a long long way down~

White water rafting
Mom and me

Fast forward 45 minutes into rafting, we stopped at a peaceful area to rest. All I remember from the first three quaters of the hour was my mom screaming fanatically (and my laughing fervently at her :p).

Quack quack
Two ducklings follow papa duck cross the river

Upon stopping, I was already out, into the water, swam and climbed onto the rocks opposite to take some photos and some videos of Ayung river.


Water and me

Water and me again

See my mom so happy

The sun was hot and the water really cold. What do you do after seeing such a beautiful scenery?

You jump into the water! (Watch video)

Now you know where I got the twig from. =.=;;

Man, the journey didn't end until another 1hr 30mins. It took longer than usual, my leg were so bruised, my left arm hurts like hell, and it was worth every single American cent!

After getting back to the hotel all wet and smelly, took a shower and decided that there's one last thing to do before I leave Bali.

Small and sandy
You see this place?

my hair~~ T_T
Ei, why are you playing with my hair

Yep, you guessed it! Braidings!!

I always wanted to do this! They tried to rip me for 150,000 rupiah so I tried to bargain. Thus it only cost me 80,000 rupiah, which is probably RM32, ten times cheaper than Malaysia!

feel like a barbie doll
can you count how many of them doing my hair?

I get to see Balinese hunks playing netball while 5 ladies (o.O!!) doing my hair at the same time. I feel like a VIP.

Balinese hunks

30 minutes of having my hair pulled and tagged at in all directions, DONE!!!

Back view

Braidings front view
Front view

I'm so cool

Yo wassup nigga~~


26 kissed Nicole

  1. Well, taking all the Bali chapters together it looked like it must have been a fantastic trip; it's good to see you soaking wet and having fun...

    I like the hair; it must be nice to have such fabulous hair to do things like that with.

    And may I be the first to say that that orange top suits you very well!

    Fancy sending me a bar of that chocolate to try? Mmm, cashew nuts...

  2. Oh, and it looks more like volleyball than netball to me. ;-)

  3. yo nigga babe, i wanna know everything about shizzle

  4. Hey i like your hair nice, how much did it cost u to do it in Bali, Leslie

  5. Just FYI: Non african people shouldnt use the word "nigga". If you did that in europe or america in the wrong situation you might get assaulted. At the very least people would stare at you or say something.

  6. Just managed to watch the video and that's a cute scream. ;-)

    Glad to see your Mum looks so lively following your earlier posts.

  7. hey.. Silverqueen ..
    do you that there are three things that Indonesians in the USA miss the most ?
    2.Teh Botol Sosro
    3.Bakmie Ayam (Chicken Noodle)
    4.Clove cigarettes, if you're a smoker.

  8. You're lucky to have a mom who is just as outdoorsy as you are.

    Plus, I think you should take Poppy's advice with a grain of salt. As an American, I can say that it is extremely unlikely you will be "assaulted" if you use the word "nigga."

  9. nice hairdo. i tink it suits you nicely.

    and ur lucky to have such a sporting mom. She rocks! hehe

  10. Jeff from LA PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post of video of you going up to a black guy you dont know and saying "what up nigga!" That would go over like a turd in a punch bowl fool.

  11. U simply gorgeous.

  12. Tyrone,
    That is seriously a great suggestion. Maybe I will post a video of doing that one of these days. Unfortunately, I'm far too lazy to do so at the moment.

    However, I think your description of African Americans as being so easily provoked is quite racist. Do you have any African American friends, or is your opinion based on some visits you've made to the US?

  13. If you think "Nigga" is an appropriate term to use, especially by non-africans then you sir are the racist. By the way I am an African American male. If some white or asian came into my neighborhood and said "wassup nigga" he would be in for a beatdown.

  14. Tyrone,
    Well, first of all, I sincerely doubt you are an African American because none of my black friends ever refer to themselves as "Africans" and other people as "non-Africans," both terms having much different meaning than African-American. Second, I find that your comment was incredibly off-point considering that my point was not that "nigga" was not a racist term. It very much is, but my point was rather that black people are not so trigger-happy as to instantly assault anyone who uses that term.

    Well, regardless, even if you are an African American, you are hardly representative of African Americans in general given your comment that you would "beatdown" any white or asian that used the term. As a person who has worked with many disadvantaged African American students at Crenshaw High in South Central Los Angeles (if you were truly African American, you would recognize South Central, if not, there's always wikipedia) and helped many African American defendants as a public defender extern in the Los Angeles Superior Court, I feel that your attitude is hardly representative of other blacks.

    And for that I am grateful.

  15. Nicole,
    I apologize for the ongoing debate going on in here. I blame my law school training for the fact I felt compelled to respond. Please forgive me.

  16. Surf the or and read comments about white/Asian people using the "n" word. You will find that it is a provocative term, often one that will provoke people to the point of violence or at least verbal assault. There are numerous topics on the subject with many responses claiming people should be physically assaulted if they use it. If you can’t see this happening you are obviously very insulated from the real world my friend. You appear to be very out of touch regardless of your extensive legal training with ALL the African American criminals “smirk”. It must be wonderful to live in that world. It’s also nice to hear that you slum it with the poor unfortunate black kids in South Central though.

    I love the comment “if you were truly African American, you would recognize South Central”. WOW now that’s just plain racist. Do all white people think ALL African Americans have roots in south central, or is it just you “rolls eyes”. The fact you chose Crenshaw and Southy as an example actually makes me think you are lying. It’s so stereotypical. Get that straight from a movie or a Snoop song did ya?

    Originally Poppy was just trying to point out to this girl that saying “Yo wassup nigga” was racist and inappropriate. If you really do work in the legal system and think its ok then you should be fired. Can you imagine this girl coming to America and saying that is Southy, or to any hard working African American?

    Why, when talking about racial issues do people always bring up their black friend? “See I hang out with YOU people” Well its interesting that none of “your black friends” refer to themselves as African-American. Do you actually LIVE in America or really have any black friends? African-American is perhaps the most used and most contemporary term to describe people within our community. Again feel free to search any of the large “Black” networking sites and you will find extensive usage.

    On the flip side none of my (smile) white friends use the word “Nigga” either, nor should this poor girl. She didn’t do it out of malice, that is obvious, but she needs to know it is inappropriate. She also needs to know it can lead to repercussions. Your comments are letting her think it is O.K. She’s a pretty girl and you want to make her feel better that’s understandable but the term shouldn’t be used by anyone Black, White, or Asian.

    Girl believe what you want, but be careful using “Nigga” around any African people, regardless of country.

    I apologize for the ongoing debate going on in here. I blame common sense for the fact I felt compelled to respond. Please forgive me.

  17. There is a time and place for anal political correctness.

    Not on the blog of a sweet simple girl who posted about getting her hair braided and who obviously did not do it out of racism or ill-intent.

    Besides, Nicole is one of the very rare and few Malaysians who have different coloured friends from all over the world.

    If only you know her.

  18. i agree with kenny.

    this is not the place for both your racial/political bickering.

    if the contents offend you, kindly leave. It is her personal blog after all.

  19. You're right, Kenny, etc. I apologize. Sorry.

  20. Oh and please delete my earlier posts. I wish I had recognized earlier how stupid I was being before people had to bring it to my attention. Sorry, Nicole, sometimes I am very much an idiot.

  21. boys...... boys........its christmas and a new year is beckoning........

    put up a big teethy smile and cheer everyone up with all the love and care that you could possible give......then you will realise....the color that differentiates only skin deep... we all bleed the same blood....and shed the same tears...

  22. woah.. Bali is not bad. :D

    I wanna go i wanna go!!!

  23. Girl,
    I think the sunglasses are a tad too big for u.
    They are squeezing out your cute nose!

  24. Gosh!! it's cheap.. as a male i am already having my hair cut for 75,000++ rupiah..

  25. So you've been to Bali, and have a good time. just a short, do you think you may come again? as I am sure there plenty of things you haven't seen just yet.

    Have a great week end,


  26. you are match with orange color. so lovely :)