Land of Pornography

Just got back from Bali yesterday, Airasia has delayed again and thus I ended up reaching home at 4 oclock in the morning. Gosh... =.= Everytime Airasia does that, I wish I have taken MAS airline. I cant complain anyway, I got the flight tickets for free :p.

I remember my last of Bali view from the airplane window as a land of many glitters. No, its not like the KL view from the sky, where you see a kaleidoscope of lights and sparkles that could light up the sky and blind you. Bali night is more like a piece of galaxy fallen on earth. Peaceful at night with soft irregular shimmers scatters evenly throughout the island that draws out its beautiful coast line.

If that was to be my last impression of Bali, it's definitely way better than the first image Bali gave me when I first scour the island.

It's either the plain corruption of my mind, or everything I see is obscene.


I stumbled across these in a shop in Denpasar city.

feels quite hard~

surfing wax??? right~~

what are these??

At first I wanted to buy one of these as a souvenier for a friend, but I don't know any female friend who smoke; or it would have been a very useful 2 in 1 ashtray ;)

not bad... can use for other things apart from ashtrays... :p

not bad again... you can get drunk and then... eh hem....

Apart from bottle opener, there're also small penis keychains...

My mom refused me to purchase on of these.. oh well...

I also had the opportinity to visit an art gallery for some art shopping in MAS - a village where 99% of population survived by painting.

This painting caught my attention upon entrance, I guess the shop owner must have realised that >_<. He explained that Balinese use to wear nothing back in the 1950's and that painting illustrate their lifestyle back then.

Imagine that, just 50 years ago, naked people roamed this entire island. o.O

Can't blame me for thinking that I landed in the red light district of Bangkok (or Amsterdam).


14 kissed Nicole

  1. wish you were born 50 years ago huh :P no headache, no problems, and more freedom... any souvenir for me?

  2. Breasts? Penises? I don't see any. Sorry, but it is just your filthy mind.

  3. pretty creative for a two in one souvenir; nice piece of art too.

  4. OMG....I would like one of those................. sniff sniff....

  5. ini memang meng-gilakan...

  6. haha...indeed land of pornography

  7. when i landed at LCCT from bali 2 months back with several of those figurines, i was stopped by the customs at the airport.. was threaten by the officer for 'membawa sesuatu yang berunsur lucah'... haha... gosh... anyway, i talked my way thru... haha

  8. Hey, know you from Thank you for introducing Malaca. I have a trip coming next year and consider to take a visit to malaca.
    And Nice++ is cool. Want to try it too. Thanks!! and a nice blog :)

  9. hmm... about Bali, what can I say? Bali is hot. :D

  10. that breast thing had me doubled over laughing.

  11. Oiii..din bring me the breast back as gift....

  12. haha cool blogs..keep it up nicole..

  13. oh ! pangs of jealousy suddenly fills my little soul...

  14. actually, in fact there are some peepz whom lived like that in the small villages, and that's 1 of the reason why bali been said as a paradise, coz the peepz are very honest, innocent and sincere.
    and about 10 years ago there were even more naked peepz in the small villages