A Visit from Kuching

Man, recently there's been so many people suddenly so interested in Melaka, must be my all-so-powderful mouth that keep on bragging about all the wonderful things in Melaka. (What wonderful things?? see how powderful my mouth is)

Anyway, just last weekend, someone decided to fly in all the way from Kuching just to pay this little old town and little old me a visit. Guess who is that?

Wait, *drum rolls~~~~~~~ Presenting the infamous, amazing and influential, the ever loving womanizer that has millions of fans of which amount could have drowned me~~~~~

*more drum rolls~~~~ the ONE and ONLY...... the blogger with his never ending enchanted blogs.........


see how good am I with my words?! *Kenny, I'm expecting more chocolates from you for this.*

Anyway, being such a nice and sweet loving person that I am, despite my busy busy assignments and limited time, I decided to take this lost little puppy around town and try out all the food possible within the little time he has in Melaka. Half a day?! Bugger, you come to Melaka for half a day for what?! You think Melaka is built in one week is it?

For pay back, I took that sad little puppy to his ever first Yoga session, muahaha.... I'm so evil.

Sadly, it was so early in the morning and I was still so sleepy that I forgot to bring my camera out and candy cam how Kenny did Yoga *snaps finger*. Oh well, Kenny, your gay-est moments are recorded in my mind forever. :p (Somehow I feel that he's going to take revenge on me in his blog soon T_T)

After one hour session of yoga, we decided to head down to town for the famous chicken rice ball in Melaka. Man, you have no idea how many times I eat this shit every time a friend visits and I feel oblidged to bring him/her to eat this. But seriously, it's delicious after all these times.

It's always a long queue outside the chicken rice ball shop, called "he ji". So I have to kick Kenny off the car to take a queue while I drove off somewhere to look for parking.

why my hair so brown??!! I want black!!

While waiting quietly in the queue outside the shop, we saw some TV documentary people walked into the kitchen of the shop, it was the Astro Food Guy!! Honestly, I didn't know who he is till this photo came out...

Sorry a Kenny, I borrow this photo first :p

The food was amazing, and guess what we ordered for drinks? Haha, you guessed it! Coconuts!!

He said use flash will eliminate his pimples wo~~~~

Kenny, I know you like me eyes, stop taking photos of them~ :p

On the way to Melaka Central so he could take a bus up to KL, Kenny can't seem to stop cam whoring with me in the car.

Kids, don't do this in the car k, very dangerous....

Immediate reaction to pose... let go of steering wheel

Sigh, I am going to get car accident one of these days~~


14 kissed Nicole

  1. You should bring this "bugger" to have coconut drink.

  2. car accident?? i'm sure they will let you off if you put on some sad and innocent look... but with the "bugger" around you might get a saman :P

  3. your brown hair is hot. don't wish for black... it's so common.

  4. i miss malacca..

  5. i miss malacca..

  6. I have to say that you have quite startling, beautiful eyes. If I were Kenny I'd have taken more photos!

  7. Definitely was nice of you to show Kenny around.

    Oh and I hope your blog traffic goes up in exchange for being willing to host him around town.

    At the very least, you now have a blog visitor from all the way in Los Angeles, California.

  8. you look pretty! i hope we can be friends in friendster.

  9. You should feed him with those char siew in Melaka Baru so that he looks rounder in all his photos! Anyway, it was a good promotion for Malacca. Almost everyone reads his blog and he [sounds like a paedophile] attracted quite a number of young female fans!

    A Malaccan in Cardiff, UK

  10. u should bring me around when i go to melaka next time...

  11. Wahahaha... Kenny did took revenge on you, it seems... the secret video of you singing...

  12. you dont even have your seatbelt on!!!

    really accident prone

  13. Had been to Melaka twice - last trip was 8 yrs ago...great plc to visit & sure luv to go again.

  14. kenny sia really touch up his face good. damn. the wonders of photoshop ... dont be fooled ladies!! sorry kenny, couldnt resist a dig at u. u look ok dude. haha ...