Fame = Nicole??

Recently I have been asking myself the same type of questions over and over again until it is almost impossible for me to concentrate on anything else. Well, apart from the fact that I'm lazy and the blasted habit of procrastinating, these questions have pretty much filled my life. (I need a life, I know)

Probably every homosapien alive has ask himself/herself the same sort of questions at least once in their lifetime, and might be naively worried and stressed over it for a period of time. I, for one, probably went through these times quite several times in my life. Haha, I'm a thinker, by that I mean I think a lot, mostly useless things perhaps. My mom calls me a dreamer, I take that as refering me to have unimaginable wild imagination.

Lame questions such as "How do you define a good life?", "What is MY version of good life?", "How do I want to live out MY life?". You see, I don't ask questions like "What is the purpose of life?", or worse, "What is life?" That's for teens. As I am now an adult, I asked more specific things. :p

I asked a few friends and basically their answers are quite predictive. "Stable life", "Enough to spend", "Good circle of friends and stable career and a healthy family".

Sometimes I can even answer question like that philosophical without a doubt, "Satisfication is the key to good life, as long as you are satisfied with what you have, you are wealthy and you life is full. Some people never seems to get a good life are due to their greed in life, it can be materialistic things like owning a car to being incredibly rich, it can be spiritual fulfillment like finding love or mental achievement in the thirst for knowledge."

I can go on this bs forever, so I guess I should be asking, "To what extend that I WANT my greed for good life to be?"

Pools of answers float up my mind. Let's see,

1. Be disgustingly filthy rich and conquer the world?

For those of you who ran out of idea to this goal, try this Marry An Ugly Millionaire site
Check it out for a laugh. Not sure whether it's real though, but you can fill in an application.

2. Happiness for my family and me 24/7?

3. To meet the love of my life?

Erm, maybe I should fill in the application (refer to 1).

4. Get married and have babies?

o.O.... Wake up Nicole!

5. Long life? No, make that eternal life.

6. Become a guy?

I can wish, can't I?

7. Become a geek and obtain 10 PHDs and become the youngest and most PHDs holder in the world?

I can do without the geek part though.

8. Have a boob job?

Naturally bigger breasts seem impossible....

9. To own my dream car of all time?

Isn't that the cutest little thing you've ever seen.... Awe~~~

If possible, maybe a whole collection of smart cars that stretches for a mile...

Now I know why my mom calls me a dreamer

10. Be famous and well known, name precedes person

I seem to fail this category miserably, just the other day, Kenny sent me a link and asked me to check it out, it was a blog.

This is what I read:

Quote >>
yeah.. i was at this nyonya laksa shop in Jonker Street on saturday afternoon, whilst walking back to my table, i saw him.. yeah.. i was stunned for a moment.. think i actually stood there staring at him for at least 5 seconds.. when my Bb came, i actually couldnt speak properly.. i was like..

".. uh.. tha.. thats...Kenny, Kenny Sia the blogger..OMG!!'..

*shy* i so wanted to just walk rite up to him n say hi.. at least take a picture with him.. but some how, my legs were not listening.. he was there, with a girl.. if he was alone.. MAYBE i would have walk up to him.. somehow, that gal seems very familiar.. Bb sd she was from the same college as us, Inti College.. no wonder she looks familiar...
<GIRL next to Kenny, how insulting. Moreover, I am a girl who used to study in INTI, my name also don't know, sigh... again, failed miserably in college.

Next time, my name should be NICOLE TAN the blogger, not the 'girl' next to KennySia~ :p


7 kissed Nicole

  1. c'on.. I only get to know kennysia tru your blog, at least here I am the one would said then, "arr!! nicole!! who the hell is the lucky assh*le by her side?!" you still could hv ur own population of readers wat.. which might b in entirely different nature of wat he already got :p. Not everything will b dream forever la.. dream on.. haha

  2. you got distinctive outlook only people can easily map u with some tags ( where u used to appears) like wat the girl did haha.. a fact not even kenny himself would deny is that, you are inherently more gifted to b famous than himself when talking about erm... visual effect (sorry i m guy.. at least he needs to workout extra frequently to keep his form & shape)

  3. there won't be walt disney if he was not a dreamer...
    thus... u could make something big in malacca perhaps... when your dream do meets reality ;).
    SMART car for smart ppl like u... fits well in the picture.

  4. actually i would say that sometimes we might appear to be someone for a particular person... and no one for the rest of the world... as for the question that you ask urself alot... i think you know the answer to those question... the only thing is you want to know whether or not it's the same as the others. so you compare... so actually your life is perfect as long as you see it perfect.

  5. hey nicole,

    i must say that i missed out mentioning your name in my blog, cuz i actually remembered your name, but to save any embarrassment in acknowledging the wrong person, i wrote 'the girl next to kenny'..

    so sorry about that.. we were not close in college, i only saw you around, n i think u helped in one of my activities as well.. im sure u know some of my friends there as well..

    BUT i sure remember you were our prom queen that year, :).. you were in this hot red dress.. right?

    so you are not remembered as 'the girl next to kenny'

    apology accepted?

    cheers ^_^

  6. I am nobody in the incident. But , wondering why, i m happy to see this...especially white tulips' sincere & graceful apology...
    kenny,nicole & white tulips... blogs & worlds, the borders has been getting ambiguous...
    unlike the latest comments for ur latest blogs, nicole...There are unnecessary stress even to NOBODY as me....

  7. It's exciting to know you're from INTI! Hahaha hoping that one day I'll be known as Crazenne The Blogger too. Weeee