I'm flying~~

When the pilot announced landing was to be made in 5 minutes. I eagerly stuck my face against window like I was going to squeeze myself through the glass. An amazingly flat terrain came into view, like a paper floating on water. I thought to myself: so this is Bali.

The island Bali is truly picturesque that photos just dont do it justice. So I decided to see the entire with my own eyes, from sky view.

looks fun

I think of myself as a wild girl. No, not a party animal, more like a minor adrenalin junkie, I dont do extreme sports (I treasure my life). But I do like small exciting and adventurous stuff, I once challenged Kenny that I will go bungy jumping with him if he tried fried cockroach with me in Thailand. He never got back to me.

I am as down to earth as a girl can be; dig in the mud if I must. Despite my hatred to sun exposure, it never stopped me from climbing the 3rd highest mountain in the UK; or walked the Western Europe solo with nothing but 10 shirts and two slacks.

But I can be really vain and superficial when I wish to be. I have probably one too many collections of perfumes and make ups one person will ever be able to finish in her entire lifetime, same goes with clothes, accessories and skincare products. My city friends will never see Nicole the way my traveling buddies see, and vice versa.

I like the way I am and I wouldnt have it any other way. Im a nature lover, which explains why Scotland is still my favourite place on earth. I love the city life too, busy night life and overcrowded shopping malls; never seem to be able to detach myself from KL.

Anyway, I shall leave all these personal details to another time for another blog entry, I just had one of those expressive moment suddenly. Lets get back to my episode of wild and crazy Nicole.

So there I was, back at the beach again where the captain dropped us off. There sure are a lot of activities going on at the sea.

Wa, four sharing one banana :p

Mommy, so many 'superman'

I also want to be part of the action,

I drove this thing on full speed, woo hoo~~

Finally, time to head up to sky. I'm all geared~

red glove on the left, blue glove on the right

I was afraid if I took my camera up into the sky with me, I would freak and dropped into the water hundred of feet below and smashed into billion of pieces. So, apology for the non stop cackling from my mom. =.=

note: I will never understand the pain experienced by that guy who shouted 'oh nuts', hurray for girls!!

A day of fun left me breakfastless and lunchless, too excited. Thus at night, we went for the most romantic dinner, at this location!

Restaurant at Jimbaran bay

Breathtaking sunset

Food to order? Seafood of course! What else~

Yum yum, I can't wait~

They call squid "Cumi-cumi", no wonder when I order for sotong bakar ('sotong' - malay language for squid), they didn't understand what I wanted when there's a whole bunch of squid in front of them.

Best "ikan bakar" I ever had! (BBQ fish)

The "ketam bakar" is sooo juicy (BBQ crab)

Good food, good atmostphere, good scenery, gorgeous people. What more can I asked for?!!!


16 kissed Nicole

  1. you make me hungry... *drool*

  2. wa.. when is your next holiday trip ah? i want join can ah ?

  3. i enjoy reading yr blog cos you're very down to earth. Keep it up!

  4. interesting stuff u write :). and love your mom chuckling as u lift off. at least thats who i think it is! haha.

  5. haha that was fun.

  6. What more can you asked for... hmmmmm.. good sex...

  7. these things/adventures/travels cost money, you must be one rich girl

  8. wow, the crab looks huge!

    Bali looks to be a really nice and interesting place.

  9. It looks like you're having a ton of fun out there. I really envy you. Bali does look beautiful. I must visit Indonesia and Malaysia one of these days.

    Oh well, at least its still warm in winter out here in LA.

  10. crabs!!!! look at the size of that bugger!!!

    but....a little detour from the present topic....there's also alotta unique eats offered in malacca apart from the usual chicken rice balls and satay celup....you have the midnite char siew...and the squat-at-the-drainside shell fish stall......

  11. you sure can fly... i'm signing up on the next trip. :P

  12. I would luv to go honeymoon with u in Bali....

  13. U r dream...

  14. Jesus Christ, mouth-watering ketam.

    And, ask Kenny when he's going to take up the fried cockroach eating challenge. Haha

  15. that's what made you so special. you are like no other :)

  16. hey, sorry i'm new n i juz read ur blog, btw, juz wanna inform u that we (indos) does know sotong, but prolly in different province different understanding however sotong in indo is a different tipe of squid.. sotong is way bigger than cumi and sotong has soft bone inside it, sotong is harder to chew when u cook it, but some restaurant does sell baby sotong.. coz it's easier to chew and dun hv soft bone yet