Facts and figures you need to know in Bali

I always find that traveling allows me to gain new knowledge about people and culture, diverse aspect of lifestyle and different history background of a country.

My trip to Bali has entitled me to learn a whole lot about this small island. Despite its size, it is a tourism location well known to the world. Even after the bombing case, the island is still greeted by many tourists, though less from the states and Australia, Asian people love this island. According to a local tour guide, Japanese top their chart in tourists population in the island all year round. Along the trip, I have met people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and quite a number of Europeans

During the trip, I discovered that there's no better way to learn about Bali than from Balinese themselves. Apart from the previous entry where I found out Balinese used to live naked together, a tour guide told me that even if Indonesia has 80% of Islamic population; Bali Island itself holds up to 80% of Hinduism population. The following day when I hired another Balinese to be our tour guide, I got the information that it is in fact 95% of Balinese have Hindu religion.

And so I learned that, Bali has a hell lot of Hindus.

Lets call the first Balinese tour guide B1 (Balinese 1), and the latter B2 (Balinese 2, duh~). So B1 also told me that Bali was named 'an island of thousand temples' and has up to 60,000 temples spread all over this island. B2 said its more than thousand, probably a few thousands despite their tagline. Erm, I wonder if they know that 1,000 and 60,000 is a biggg difference.

they say have to wear 'sarong' to enter the temple wo~

Second thing I learned, Bali has a hell lot of temples.

Then B1 said 80% of Balinese professionalize in tourism, while B2 corrected that it is 70% in statistic.
Why 80% or 70%, why not 78.45%?

Third fact, Bali industry focuses a hell lot on tourism.

B1 and B2 both mentioned that Balinese has strong religious beliefs, they pray for almost anything, and their put praying flowers in front of their house, inside the house, in the temples (I didnt ask if they pray in all 60,000 of them?!), out of the temples, for their business, in front of the shop, inside every single vehicle (including motorbike),hanging out of very vehicle or just for plain sole praying.

I had probably seen this thing almost everywhere I go in Bali,

Put in front of the car

Fourth thing I learned, Balinese has a hell lot to pray and they pray a hell lot (every single day!).

Let's cut the comparisons and figures, basically, if I take a stone and throw, any Balinese it hits is most probably a Hindu whose work is somewhat related to tourism, goes to the temple and prays god damn too many times. Period.

Surprisingly, B2 told me something that B1 wasn't able to tell me. B2 has an MBA. At first it was shocking news to me. MBA??? Local tour guide?? It doesn't make sense.

B2: You know what is MBA?
Nicole: Err... Master of Business Admin?
B2: No no.... Marriage By Accident. HAHAHAHAHA
Nicole: .....

And surprisingly, MBA is very common among Balinese. I met a very attractive nurse (21 years old) in the hotel I am staying, and we have become friends after she poke a hole in my feet (to try and take out a twig), told me that she had her MBA when she was 18.. Holy cow!!! Her body is still so amazing!! No wait, that's not the point.... she was so young?! No wonder so many Balinese hunks keep asking if I am looking for a 'tunang' (future husband) in Bali.

Knowing me, I don't come to Bali just to see see and eat eat, no, this is not Nicole. Other than the knowledge thirsty me, I always do something fun or crazy when I travel. Hey, that's what travelling is for right? Why pay so much to stay indoor and eat? (though mine is free, hoho)

Here's a little preview to what I have done in Bali...

o.O.... Want to know more? Hohohoho... Stay tune~~


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