Things I'm doing at this hour...

photoshop process

It was a photoshoot done underwater, in a really dirty and murky pool. Apparently it's not advisable to do a photoshoot right after the cleaning of a pool (when they add chlorine), the pool gets really murky after that.

Who would have known.

So technically all the photos went to waste. And I worked so hard in this photoshoot but it was really a shame to see it go just like that.

With 6 years of photoshop experience under my belt, I was determined to save some of my photos. They're not going to be great in prints, but good enough for online postings. Well, saving a memory.

Will share more when I finish with two more photos, probably tomorrow. Tired of sitting in front of the computer after two nights of working with just THREE photos. Yea, they're almost unrecoverable. Some were completely not save-able.

PS// first photo was already edited by a friend who helped removed all the debris in the pool (damn murky!), so you can imagine the hassle!


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