MANGO Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Fashion week has left me in awe and in complete shopping mode of all things beautiful.

(Looking forward to my shopping spree in London during Boxing Day this year, it’s been too long).

I’m totally in love with Kate Moss in this latest tvc of MANGO Fall Winter 2012 collection. Mainly because she’s a short model, that’s very rare in this industry, and exactly my height! And she got style.

I want to share a few of the items I love in this season’s collection, which offers four basic lines: evening, suit, casual sport and jeans.

Like the pair of paint drops cropped jeans she’s wearing in the video, fold it up it looks like a very feminine boy’s jeans; a style I totally dig if I have her legs (die of jealousy). - RM159

kate moss
And the open knit bicolor jumper is to die for. Only at RM99!

sequin dress
I’m all about sequin for this elegant number – RM159
I even called up the shop to ask about this piece but most of the sales assistants told me it’s not available yet. :(

draped long silk dress
Died and went to heaven. This draped silk dress is a little steep at RM669 but it’s such a beautiful piece! Very moi~

Although this is usually out of my style, I love this long animal print palazzo trousers from their Arabic collection.

animal print palazzo
trousers RM199

This season MANGO brought in features such as patch pockets, contrast piping, leather adornments, buttons with military motifs and padded garments; all very edgy feminine. New volumes are added emphasizing on sleeves and waists whereas I see more frills have been added to their dresses and skirts.

Colors become more basic with mainly black and white with the occasional deep and bright colors thrown in.

The line appeals to me more this season than the previous’; perhaps I’m just a fall/winter girl. ;)


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