Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos Live Jump Screenshots

Did you miss Felix Baumgartner live jump which ended just an hour ago on youtube.com/redbull?

There should be a replay right after the live press conference but in the mean time, here's a quick update for those of you who missed out, or fell asleep on the other side of the earth while waiting for the ascent.

Yes I've sat through the 3 hours from launch till he touched the ground.

Felix Baumgartner helium balloon
massive helium balloon carrying the capsule which contained Felix Baumgartner in it.
11:34pm Malaysian time. 11:34am USA time.

Felix Baumgartner sky dive
rising up to 9000 ft. Bye world.

Felix Baumgartner capsule
temperature inside and outside of capsule at 9900 ft.

Felix Baumgartner sky dive capsule
world view at double the height - 18,000 ft.

Felix Baumgartner sky dive screenshot
ascending rather slow at 1000 ft per minute. And moving rapidly to the east. Worrying.

Felix Baumgartner mom
Felix Baumgartner's mom. And his girlfriend Nicole sitting next to momsie dear. You can only see half her ear and her existence wasn't mentioned in the live streaming.

Felix Baumgartner sky dive temperature on the ascent
Extremely cold weather at -54 degree Celsius outside. Brrr....

Felix Baumgartner 63k feet
Slowing down, still getting colder. It's 13 degree Celcius inside the capsule now.

Felix Baumgartner 100k feet
Pass the till-date (then) world record holder, Joseph Kittinger, 103,000 ft mark. Going higher to set the world's record!

view of earth from 127000 feet
View of Earth through a wide angle lens at 127,000 feet.

Felix Baumgartner stepping out of capsule
Look at the live stream views! 7.2 mil ppl watching at the same time!

Felix Baumgartner inside capsule
1:58am Malaysian time. (1:58pm USA time) 2:30 hours since the launch.
Capsule valve door closed.

Felix Baumgartner capsule valve door open
Capsule valve door open. Hello world!

128k feet descending
Sitting on the edge of Earth, literally. Did you notice icon of capsule has been replaced by a pressurized suit of Felix in the bottom left of the screen? And the capsule is descending at this point at 128,000 feet.

Felix Baumgartner jump
Felixed prayed to God. And jumped.

Felix Baumgartner infra red attempting to break speed of sound
They had to capture him using infra-red camera. He was dropping so fast in vacuum it was difficult for camera to capture his shadow!

Felix Baumgartner 8 million live views on youtube
The peak of Youtube live views: 8 million views! WOW! A record!
And he dispatched his parachute. Did not break longest free fall time record that Kittinger set - 4 min 36 sec. Felix Baumgartner did it in 4 min 19 sec.

Felix Baumgartner red bull parachute

Well done Felix Baumgartner, who achieved a jump at more than 127,000 feet, and became the first human to break the sound barrier (faster than the speed of sound) at the speed of 706 mph (or 1136 kph).

And well done Red Bull for making this 5 year project Red Bull Stratos happened.

History has been made. 



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  1. Awesome coverage :)

  2. Amazing!! Youtube did an awesome job of keeping the livestream working with 8Million viewers :)