Model Search Diary: Final Chapter

The finale... (photographer Vince)

This was long overdue but I finally managed to get around to blog about it.

It's been a hectic week getting my bearings around. Going back to paint, planning a year end holiday, in between shooting a commercial and going for casting and attending events. I love being busy, reminds me that I am living my life not wasting and bumming it away.

So the finale's over and as you've read in the previous paragraph I'm back on track. The first great thing about the whole thing over is moving back to my sweet sweet sweet home.


And my bathtub.
And my hot awesome rainshower.
And my UNIFI omg wifi where have you been all my life!!!
And my desktop, it's so good to stare at a big screen instead of tethering from my phone to my lightweight tiny, still awesome, laptop; no wait, it's called an ultrabook~

In the six weeks I've done runway shows, appearance at clubs, DJ-ing (for show) and lots of mall hops (urgh).

Keep scrolling cause I kept the best photos in the last part of this post. 

nicolekiss model

model nicolekiss

on the runway

posing nicolekiss



It's been quite an experience. I've lost weight, obviously.
I learnt how to catwalk, for the first time. I never knew I used to walk so ugly-ly on heels.
I blame it all on heels.
All I needed was a good pair of stable-ass heels, and a very good trainer to whip my pass when I jiggle (you heard me right, I jiggled!).

feeling so high
feeling so high like a g6

nicole dj-ing
Looking at this photo I wonder, I could make it as a DJ...

key ng orange dress
I'm sorry, I love Key Ng and all (the designer himself), but I hated this dress. The color... urgh.

We had numerous photoshoots in the show, and I have to say. I sucked big time in photos. Especially professionally taken photos. Perhaps it was my size (too big for a model), my face or my jutting chin or my bad habit of sticking my jutting chin out, or you know, the make up.... (most of the time I was not given make up on my eyes or eyebrows, they were horrific and not flattering at all, and on a person that's already so not flattering in camera, I could only imagine how horrible it could turn out).

But hey, I have a natural talent for hosting. Just need the right make up, the right plastic surgery (jk) and I'm good to go on set. :p

beauty cover shoot


My first appearance after they did a second make over on my hair.
I haven't seen my hair this black since ... since... college? after Uni? Yea.. after uni.

x top nicole brunette

x top model nicole black hair

emo look lol

We've done two proper runway shows... and below is a collection of photos I like the most (above as well, that's why I post them, but below completely captured the feel I wanted); you will see why. Coincidence all of them are mostly from a single photographer?





And these were on the finale. I have to say, I have a very strong eye make up as compared to others that night. Too strong for my liking but in some outfit it turned out fine.

Key Ng dress

swimwear designed by Jimmy Wong

gotta love em pearls. But was the swimsuit too small for me?! Holy halfway walking down the runway I could feel the top slipping down my chest. Boob slip alert?! o.O

Zakwan designer wear, love the skirt!



dress by Syomir Izwa

nice to look at but really difficult to walk in. The shoulder, especially, kept dropping off my shoulder, and I have very wide shoulders for ladies even my size!

I would love to use some of these photos as the header photo of this blog. Which photos would you suggest? :D Or should I stick to the underwater photo shot of me for now.

In the next post, I will be posting some photos taken during some of the photoshoots I've done. Personally I think I look better on the runway than on photos, but there are a few that I really like so I will share them here next.



7 kissed Nicole

  1. I love your 2nd last picture! :)

  2. wh is swimwear? u may called me a pervert but i would be glad to see a boob slip

  3. you are beautiful and every thing suits you...but I liked your Key Ng style most...

  4. you have changed so much! i kinda miss Nicole the traveler.

    1. Don't worry! More travel posts are coming up!