La Praluline de Pralus @ Paris

The best thing I had in Paris, in the shape of a pastry, was a praline brioche a friend suggested was the only thing I must try when in Paris; called a Praluline.

La praluline de Pralus - Praline Brioche

La Praluline de Pralus

And loving good food and knowing I should always trust a Malaysian who had lived in France for 7 years when it comes to French food and French people; I got lost, walked in misery in cold winter Paris rain and got lost again to get to my praluline shop on 35 rue Rambuteau.

They have since opened more shops and I'm so glad I get to get some of those goodies in Tokyo, which will be the next trip after Europe (a year end trip that doesn't consist Paris this time). But seriously, why Tokyo when London is such a better and nearer choice (oh right, Parisian hates Lodonist those sort of shits).

*update* apparently the owner isn't too happy with the shop in Tokyo because they don't follow the exact recipe, it has since been taken off the shop list on its website while it is also stated 'closed' on a Japanese review site. So I would assume it's shut down since? 

I got back to the hotel and placed the carefully wrapped Praluline on the bed.

La praluline de Pralus

It was a big loaf. But I sunk my teeth in it as long as I broke a piece off, by midnight, the pastry was left with less than half and instantly I regretted not getting a second loaf. In my defense, it did seem like a lot at the time; and in my defense again, I didn't know it was going to taste so good. Oh dear.


The next time I'm Paris, this will be the first on my food list.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Oh, my friend brought me there too! It's so good...but yeah, it was too big so I didn't buy one. :( (I tried the sample on the counter)