Felix Baumgartner Red Bull 120,000 ft highest jump in the world

Felix Baumgartner is nuts. But he's an epic nutter. A handsome one at that.

Because Felix Baumgartner is about the break the speed of sound at a free fall from an altitude of 120,000 feet / 36,576 meters, the border of space, and drops faster than 690 miles / 1110 km per hour before it enters earth's atmosphere.

Here's the intro video. Generously sponsored by Red Bull.

To let you know how dangerous this stunt is, here's a quick breakdown: in space, the atmosphere is enough to vaporize his blood due to thin air and at a temperature of -70 Fahrenheit / -56 Celcius; so Felix will be diving with an astronautic suit till he lands on earth.

His attempted test jump at 71,580 ft.

At 96,000 ft.

Catch him dive jump from 120,000 ft live from youtube.com/redbull or www.redbullstratos.com this Sunday 14th October at 12pm GMT (8pm Malaysian time).

Red Bull Stratos - Manned one flight

The launch of the balloon and jump has been postponed several times due to wind condition. So don't hold your breath folks.

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