Burning Man

I've first read about the festival of Burning Man in a travelogue book; where the globe trotting author went on her trip to the states and fell in love with a man of her dreams.

It's a city, rather than a festival, built up in the desert that lasts a week long up to ten days where tens of thousands of tourists and local visitors gather to perform art, to be oneself, to let go and have fun. It's a place where there's no judgement, no rules, no boundaries, no ethics or human 'silly humility' like clothes and societal behaviors are needed.

a friend sent me this film of Burning Man scripted in complete Dr Seuss style.

You can be whatever you want, you can express yourself however you like. You can be yourself, or a hidden part of yourself you can never be in a real world.

You can be naked. You can be a cross dresser. You can be a man. You can be a gypsy or a homeless guy. You can be anything you want. You can choose not to shower for one week straight. LOL. You can drag a caravan over for your own comfort.

Read wiki here.

What would you be if you visited the Burning Man?

I think I will choose to be a guy. 


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, interesting. Though I have no idea what I would like to be, at this moment. Hmm...