A Walk on Champ Elysees, Paris

champ elysees

I've long developed a love-hate relationship with Paris. It's one of the most visited European cities in my travel history aside from London and yet I hate it with a passion.

I hate the people. Love the history. Hate the smell. Love the pastry. Hate the egoist chefs. Love the architecture. Hate the racism. Love the shopping. It's always at two ends of the extreme, never the grey area.

Here's an entry I've recorded about one of my many of unpleasant experience with the city, the country and the people.

I hated it whenever I was there.
But I missed it now that it's been two years since I visited Paris.

What is it about Paris that lures me so much? Is it the Louis Vuitton and Chanel? Or is it the Louvre and the street art? Perhaps a lot of both.

Here's a small recap of my trip in Paris, mostly consist of the shopping district/street of Paris - Champ Elysees, French fine dining and the hotel I stayed in which I was sure I paid too much for.

paris hotel
It was closing in on NYE. So you can imagine the price.

welcome chocolates
Nice touch. Delicious chocolates on bed.

paris hotel bathrobes

champ elysees nicolekiss

paris trishaw
Trishaw vs Arc de Triomphe

Entered this Peugeot showroom on Champ Elysees and despite not being a motor enthusiasts, I loved this two concept models displayed. Wished they could manufacture it one day, especially the small transparent concept car.

peugeot concept car

peugeot concept car

peugeot concept car

nicolekiss peugeot concept car

peugeot concept car

peugeot concept cat

Was recommended this restaurant L'Ardoise in Paris, and it was New Year's Eve, so decided to head there to have a special last meal of the year. But turned out to be the worst dining experience ever in my life.

horrible french restaurant

Good appetizer. Shitty main course. Great dessert. Shitty waitress and her impeccably horrible attitude. And shittier chef and his impossible ego.

nicolekiss french dining

Shitty service. Horrendous price list. And bias treatment to customers.

Read about the experience here


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Been there done that.. except the restaurant.. :P

  2. at least it seems that you have good company. :)

  3. voitures sexy avec une belle jeune fille, oh grand. toute façon, j'espère avoir un bon voyage ...