Victoria's Secret Pink Tote for Sale


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 is over and now everyone is raving after their pink tote on the runway.

pink tote

It's similar, minus the bling.

Here's a video of the fashion show where the bag appears.

on 3.19 when the model walks out with a blinged tote bag.

It's the same size and type as the tote in the video. Just different fonts.

You can no longer find either of the totes online anymore but good news is, I'm selling this pink tote!!
Original and straight from the USA Victoria's Secret.

free pink tote model
a black version on a model

It's really classy and massive which can act as the perfect holiday tote or beach bag. Just chuck everything inside.

I only have one to sell. So faster grab it while you still can!

love pink tote

Measurement: 22"L x 1.75"W x 18"H
Selling Price: RM150

Email me at to buy this gorgeous tote!

On top of that, I'm giving away ONE Victoria's Secret Reward Card with USD10 inside. Real cash! Valid until 21st December.

secret rewards cards

If you do not use the gift card, it's still a good souvenier.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Is the giveaway for the card still going on?

  2. Hi Sheri, the tote is already sold along with the card. If you're still interested to have the $10 gift card. I can give u the code for free as I'm not using it.

    email me @
    gift card expires on 21st.