RM1000 off your next Ultrabook - Acer Aspire S3

Want to buy a laptop to reward yourself this Christmas?

Want to get up close to a new form of sexiness in bed?

on my acer aspire s3

Want to be swag like Cookie working on his brand new ultra thin ultrabook?

cookie on aspire s3 keyboard

Then be the first 80 people to land their hands on the latest Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook at The Buolevard in Berjaya Times Square, 11am on 17th Dec 2011 (next Saturday) and get RM1000 off its retail price!

Powered by 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processor with SSD.

I copied that line down from the page cause I know nothing about computers, despite studying about it in uni before #maxmail. I do know that I only have the i5 which is less powerful than the i7. :(

So instead of paying for the full retail price RM3999, you can bring home an ultrabook for only RM2999. That's a steal! More info here.

You can also GET a pair of Lee Hom concert tickets on 3rd March next year. Only one unit and pair for each customer so be sure to bring families along if you want to buy more! :p

Check out their FB page. Or you can read up on my blog posts about my experience with the Aspire S3 here.

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1 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow...RM1000 off... :O I sort of wish I hadn't already changed my laptop. But then again...I'd never manage to be among the first 80 people there!