Mikan @ Maju Junction - Wine Pairing

It was one of those gastronomy adventurous lunch.

I've seemed to have find more time for wine lunch now than dinner. Has nothing to do with road blocks on the way home.

I do find it helpful that it's easier to see in the daylight; and also easier to get a ride around. Hee hee.

Friend brought over seven bottles of wine to try out between few people. Adventurous? Me likey.

Choice of dining, a quiet and unusual restaurant tucked underneath the Maju Junction Mall - Mikan. Head Chef Machi decided to go wild in the kitchen.

It was a seven-course lunch (heavy lunch you say? Whatever do you mean?).
Seven dishes with seven bottles. Challenge accepted.

First up was one of the oddest dish I've had in a long time.

Crispy Baby Sardines.

photo 4
I have never, in my life, seen so many eyes staring up at me as I take a bite.
It's eerie.

Good. Never been a salty snack fan; but everyone around LOVED it. o~kay.

Next up.. another, rather wild, dish.

Monk Fish Liver.

photo 3

Even seen one of those fishes before? Ugly as Fudge.

Really soft liver though. Tantalising.

It's fabulous with our slightly sweetish German Riesling - Schloss Lieser appertiser wine.

By now I was too tipsy to care about photography but we had some awesome food.

Third course, still appertiser.

Kampachi a.k.a. Yellowtail (or Japanese Amberjack)

photo 5

Now this was sublime. Not so much the sauce, but the fish was supreme. According to the chef, it had just freshly arrived that afternoon itself. The tingling natural sweetness of the sashimi was playing with my tongue (that could be the wine, too). I thought it was superb with, or without the sauce. But I like my caramelised balsamic vinegar, so I wasn't complaning.

By now I was too tipsy to care about taking more photos. Wine was flowing and food just kept coming.

Some of the dishes were unforgettable.

Sashimi plate was really fresh; tuna, salmon, and oh.. specially for us, oyster.
Japanese-style Wagyu for one; divine. Especially when paired with our dry red.
Japanese imported Mochi. Love it. This was dessert.

Oh yes, how could I forget.
Japanese style foie gras.

Never had Japanese style foie gras before, but I had, this had to be it.
Sorry didn't have photo of this though. :( Such a waste.

Now they're serving this wine pairing seven course during dinner for RM168. A steal if you tell me. But maybe with less types of wines. You still get your seven tasting glasses though.

A steal if you tell me.

Mikan Japanese Cuisine
G11 Maju Junction Mall,
1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lunch (Mon-Sat): 11.30am-3pm
Dinner (Mon-Sat): 6pm-12am
Closed on Sundays
Website: http://mikan.com.my/


3 kissed Nicole

  1. tat is one ugly fish , and u ate it nicole? scary :P

  2. its abit scary to eat...omg

  3. I think that I would have focused on the wine, and passed on the eye-ball meals. :-)