Victoria's Secret Haul - My Panties Resolution

I made a resolution halfway through this year that I would own 100 pairs of underwear one day very soon in the future.

I know, what an odd resolution.

It started with my best friend making a comment on her undies she owned at home. She, very proudly, declared that she owned enough panties to last her through every day of the month without changing (Yes, we share very intimate and pointless conversation, that's what girls do. Shuddup).

And oddly, to which I found impressive. And amidst the laugther, which followed, I declare back that I had a new resolution which is to own 100 pairs to allow me to last through one third of the year without changing (not that I would actually do that).

The thought, at that point, of owning enough undies to never need to worry about running out of panties to wear, ever again, was profoundly satisfying (at least to me).

So... when Victoria's Secret had a promotion on their amazing collection of panties. I flipped.

No, I flung myself to my desktop and stayed there for the next two days choosing over the collection, reading up on US sizes, types of panties (from hiphuggers to boyshorts) and hovering over hundreds of panties picking and deselecting the ones I was going to check out of the e-shopping bag with.

Two weeks ago, my parcel arrived.

It was like the first day of Christmas and I just open my presents (which I paid for myself).

I was super estastic!

Here's my haul.

victoria secret haul 2

It's not 100 pairs...

Yet. ^^

victoria secret haul

What's your quirky resolution?


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Is it expensive? many!

  2. well as long as it makes you happy, you can get all undies you want. I only buys them when they are all loose and cannot be worn anymore. I don't really like shopping for them, as I always end up buying the wrong size. most of the time too small. I don't really goes for brand, but for the cheaper price.

  3. my quirky resolution is to get a date with nicole. :) haha. only joking. i know it sounds corny. just thought it would made you laugh. :)