Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2011

They say guys are easy to get. And even easier to buy presents for.

Well I beg to differ, hear me out.

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Just a photo of me, in case you miss me. ^^ :p

Guys, they get what they want. Unlike girls, guys don't want a lot of things; but when they're into something, they get it when they can.

Like for example, almost all guys like gadgets.
But then again gadget is a dangerous ground (as presents).

If he can afford it, he probably had it already; if he doesn't have it, he doesn't want it.
If he wants it and can't afford it, you probably can't either.

It's not the latest, he won't be pleased. It's not what he likes, he'll leave it to collect dust.

And please don't get him some odd sweatshirt you think it'll look nice on him. He'll probably wear it once to show you and then shove it down the deepest darkest corner of the closet till it reaches Narnia. Unless, of course, he loves you enough to endure each and every agony moment of wearing it.
Or, in rare occasion, he trust your taste and let you dress him up however you want. Like Victoria on David Beckham.

You're not Victoria, he's not Beckham. Let's move on shall we?

Cut to the chase. Here's one simple rule when getting a present for a guy.

Get something he wants but doesn't need.

Admit it. Guys love things that are utterly pointless, useless and meaningless; but then fun and great to have. Like a lava lamp (or so a guy once told me). So don't get him what he needs, leave the practical things to himself (to buy), this Christmas, get him a real toy.

Waterproof MP3 player

He loves swimming and he gets bored doing it; never fear, waterproof music player is here. Speedo sells them at RM400-600 plus with the underwater earplugs.

Or get a wireless UBanana ucan waterproof mp3 player.


NU dolphin touch

Home Soda Maker

Now he can create his own soda maker. *pops the champagne*


Honestly, which wine-loving-beer-drinking-soda-addicting guy wouldn't love to add another fluid toy to their list.

Add Ribena and some vodka and voila! You have a fizzy cocktail!
Yea I know you can just buy soda water. But why buy when you can make your own?!
Don't get guys? Yea, me neither.

Wine Instant Chiller

Sophistication is your man's language. Well there's no reason to not let him be instant romantic with an instant chilling machine. Glass for two, pronto!


hand-helf version, perhaps?

Why use instant chiller when you just need to freeze it for 10 mins?
"Because we can" they'll say.

Unnecessary, but fun.

Stainless steel/Stone Whisky Chillers

Some call it stone ice cubes, or cubes drink chillers.



Done with the nuissance of diluting your whisky by adding ice cubes to it. Now you can chill your spirit the 'swag' way.

Whisky/Liquor Flask

Doesn't have to be for drinkers. The great outdoor guys would love to get their hands on one of these to fill in some water from the upstream river to drink (given the fact that these rugged-looking outdoor-loving guys understand the better things in life). Again, unnecessary, but nice to have.


Amazon Kindle

Your man likes to read? Then this would be perfect for him.


If he already has an iPad, forget about this one, unless he always complains about reading on iPads. The electronic ink is a delight to read than staring into the bright screen of smart pads all day long.

Lego set

There's nothing wrong to get a real real toy for a grown man. Let him relive his childhood for his sake.


Yes, there are guys who like building things, even when they're all grown up. What's better? Sit down with him and start assembling the whole city together, like we used to when we were five.

What do you mean you've never played Lego before? Liar.


For the metrosexual, if he looks good in a suit; by all means, buy him cufflinks.

One of those menswear piece than men usually overlooks and can never have enough.


There you have it. The best Christmas gift ideas for him this year. Now hurry out to finish up your spree before Xmas arrives.

Merry Christmas all!

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10 kissed Nicole

  1. I beg to differ.. None of those pressies above excites me..

    and trust me, buying a gift for a guy is easier than women.. like you said, if we want it, we already get it..

    so easy option, take him along for shopping..

    if they wanted this fancy and that fancy, they will never be content at any present..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i differ again. already someone (guy) said they liked to get an item listed here on my twitter. hah!

    take him shopping? then it wouldn't be a surprise present d, isn't it? & she doesn't need to be reading for present ideas online anymore.

  4. seriously, there is nothing wrong with all these advices. unless the person reading this are provoked, because he or she could never afford to buy any of these. For me, i never get anything for my man cos i know anything that he wants he could just buy himself especially the gadgets. so why bother? the best persent would be a vacation (my own opinion). even a short one-day trip to somewhere out of the town would be a nice gift. so, i said again, why all the argument? everyone have their own say. and there is no one single person to judge. Merry Christmas and happy holiday.

  5. Lego n whisky chillers ... awesome! :P

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  7. I like Lego sets... hahaha... =))

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