Dinner Look

Post on look of the night.

I always have trouble deciding on a hairstyle with a dress. With a heavy long lock, there isn't a lot of choice other than curly, straight, and bun.

With this weight and length, I can't even tie a Japanese style high bun and have it stay. More often than not, it looks too heavy on top of my head instead of the casual puffy messy bun most girls with medium hair length have.

During one dinner, I decided to try something different and tie up my mane into a ponytail. Instead of the sleek ponytail most red carpet would go for, I ended up curling my hair end and went for a younger style.


With no bangs, first I separated some hair out front before tying the rest up in a high ponytail.

Then using a curling iron thong, I curled the hair while in its ponytail form (it's a short-cut, less hassle to curl and quicker). Then I proceeded to curl the front long fringe so it won't look dead and out of place.

gucci clutch

h&m dress

curly ponytail

Someone once complimented that it's more attactive when I show my temples whenever I tied up my hair. *blush*

Dress robe: H&M
Clutch: Gucci
Bracelets: Juicy Couture

Try it for yourself. :)


1 kissed Nicole

  1. You look stunning. It is always nice for a girl to change her hairstyle once in a while. I like your eyes as well. They are very beautiful.