Best Christmas Present/Gift Ideas for Her 2011

Inspired by a friend's post so thought I'd do a post of some of what I thought to be the best gift ideas for her this Christmas.

Gifting is a skill. Each year it gets more and more difficult to please woman of our days. So presents got more complicated, difficult and hard to be out of the box. Here are some of the unique presents I'd think she might find interesting and actually like.


Charms and bracelets are last season's top gifts, 2011 Xmas, we're bringing bangles in as the new charm (pun intended).


But of course that's rethorical. You can go for bracelets, watches, necklaces, or any form jewellery really. If ring is a taboo to you, there're plenty of other options for you out there. Don't be fend off by the idea of getting something sparkly for that special girl.

Bedding Set

bedding set

You'll be surprised how amazing clean linen and comforter feel; don't believe me? Wash your beddings the next time you feel down, when it's dried and back on your bed, you'll never want to leave your bed again.

New bedding does the same, only better. It's the same feeling that made you want to leap on a fresh bed everytime your check-in to your 5-star hotel room. The new and foreign but comfortng and extremely calming feel can be unrelenting.

Does she like silk? Muslin? Or Egyptian cotton (meow~) 1500 thread count (double meow~)?

Throw in a whole PJ set, slippers and all, and you would have a very snug girlfriend at night.


This is a bit old fashion but I cannot stress on this type of present enough.

This, more often than not, can go very wrong. I'm a fragrance a.k.a. perfume lover, and I have over 20 (or has it grown to 30 now?) 100ml bottles of fragrances from Marc Jacobs to Juicy Couture at home; most of which I adore, both bottle designs and scents. Few I've grown out of and few... well.. bad presents.

Guys always think it's foolproof to buy a bottle of fragrance as a present. This is true to a certain level i.e. you know the girl well or she's your girlfriend and you know what brand or type of fragrance she'd normally go for; in rare cases, you're an expert and you can score the type of fragrance that'll suit her even when it's not the usual scent she'd go for (but then you're not this type of guy, so deal with it).

Don't let me start with the number of bottles of perfumes I've received as gifts were left untouched from eons ago till this very day. Heck, the bottles weren't even nice to look at!

So yes, if you're keen on buying a perfume/fragrance; at least have the decency to get a pretty bottle to look at, just in case.

Few suggested bottles:

top perfumes
Clockwise from top left: Daisy Eau So Fresh (Marc Jacobs), Purr (Katy Perry), Lovestruck (Vera Wang), Viva La Juicy (Juicy Couture), Curious (Britney Spears)

Gift Cards

Get her a gift card from her favourite store/outlet/brand.

gift cards

It doesn't have to be a local store. Why not let her go wild online on Victoria Secret with a $150 gift card (yes US dollar). Or if she's a fan of iPhone apps, some apple store gift cards then; she could download all the game apps and music and movies she wants, guilt-free.

Other brands like Bodyshop if she's into bodycare, for book-lovers, Starbucks if you're cheap (jk!), or if you're feeling generous, a pre-loaded mastercard or visa (oh yes baby).

Warning: Anything below $50 (according to the currency of your country) might piss her off.


What can be more exciting and romantic to spend the holiday in a foreign/exotic place, just the two of you. The surprise element is more than one can bear.

Depending on how 'far' your wallet can stretch, places of interest ranges from 3d2n in Thailand (if you're from SEA) or Paris (if you're in Europe) to a week long vacation in the alps in Switzerland or Disneyland in Tokyo.


Fine. So you're really tight on budget end of this year. Don't let that deter you from giving your love one what she deserves this festive season.

Breakfast in bed to start off and hand her a 7-day voucher stating that you would do anything for her, be her house slave for the day, clean up for her, figuratively and literally. You do the imaginating.

Just an idea.

Not that hardcore? Plan a picnic, you can even go as far as faking those take-aways sandwiches as your own, who doesn't like the idea of home-cooked meals?

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3 kissed Nicole

  1. LOL.....the voucher pictures are really funny.
    Katy Perry perfume is so cute!


  2. Well well, I would go for the bangles. At least now I got a head start on what i should be getting.


  3. LOL..maybe I'm gonna give my personal injury accident lawyer that kind of voucher.