Funny Facebook Chat

Yesterday I left my laptop on while I went to play on my mom's computer.

And because I was browsing my facebook at that time so when I left the laptop, my facebook page was left online just like that.

Half an hour later, my baby walked towards my laptop screen (I was still playing at my mom's computer) and asked me to come over to take a look.

Apparently there was a facebook chat opened left by someone on my facebook.

If you've ever experienced why I never reply your chat msg on facebook, now you know why. :p

And then my baby consecutively spoke out the words that was typed on my facebook chat.

funny chat

I burst out laughing!!!!

Ok? Ok?


F U.


Oh man.. this joker is classic

What did I do to him?

Today I shall bring Chocolate to get an injection and perhaps her first grooming session ever since we got her. Does anyone know where I can find a pet shop that does cat grooming in Melaka?

ps// if you're going to scrutinise on why I never mask his name, well, I can't be arsed to. Besides, he swore at me, so why should I be polite? :)


7 kissed Nicole

  1. bukit cina there got one or batu berendam.....

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  3. well, must be done by retarded typical human race of all time. be polite at first to get, cant get then swears. is normal from wat i see. just ignore tat kind of bastard, nicole. too plenty around

  4. Hell hath o fury like a spurned 'facebook fan'? hahaha

  5. What a stupid guy, if want to become a fan, just click the Become a Fan button lah, some more need to ask.

  6. i think only those in our Facebook friends' list, can engage a facebook chat with us (correct me if I'm wrong)

    in this case, this 'Marwan' should be one of your friends in your list, isn't he?

  7. Haha...but that is so weird...why does he have to ask in the first place?