No. 1 in Japan

I’ve been looking for a facial lotion to use for quite a while now ever since I finished my usual bottle (which brand shall not be named) and have been looking for various toners around.

Thing is, my skin is aging, as with my person, I’m sure most ladies my age had experience this before, I can’t use what I used to use five years ago, or when I was 21, 19 or even 17 years old.

And want it or not, as you age, the food your skin needs changes too.

My skin started protesting with moisturizers at first, and to accommodate it, I’ve changed from product A moisturizer to product B, and then product C; now sticking to product C, for now.

And then, the dreaded thing happened, I am looking for a new facial lotion.

How do I tell?

Well, you can tell when you know your skin doesn’t react the way it used to, it doesn’t turn out as radiant over a period of usage as it should be, and not just because your skin is sagging (mine hasn’t, thank god), but because, well, it just need a different product that would suit its age.

Timing was just right when someone introduced me a Japanese brand face lotion (aka toner) few days ago. It’s called Hada Labo.

hada labo

It’s currently Japan’s No.1 face lotion, one sold every four passing seconds in the country.


Well, if I’m going to start experimenting with new face lotion, I might as well go for the best!

(I’ll be really bloated if that’s the case)

And Japan has always proven itself successful with its various products of skin cares, so if there’s a product that’s top in the country flooded with female population who take skin caring more serious than religion and relationship, it HAS to be GOOD? right? RIGHT?


(not to mention this is a co-development with the world renowned MENTHOLATUM, a reputable global health and wellness brand for more than 120 years old.)

Back to Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion,

hada labo toner

Inside the lotion, there contains a secret ingredient called The Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA), which has twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid (1g of HA can retain up to 6 llitres of water), so it can lock moisture in…

“you’re not going anywhere, water!”

and allow your skin to stay hydrated and smooth, hence preserving skin’s optimum moisture balance.

To learn to apply, watch this video.

Gently patting your skin after applying the face lotion is a good way of retaining the lotion onto your face and locking the moisture into your skin. The method also helps shape your face too, consider it as a twice a day workout for your face.

Let me see, what else…

checking manual
Nowadays even skin care got manuals

Oh, it’s free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant (means low irritation).

Great! This means this will be new travelling buddy on my new travel trips, especially to drier countries (which is practically everywhere these days) and I don’t have to worry about dehydrated skin! :D

product while backpacking

And if you ever have doubt on Japanese beauty products, just look at how pretty these girls are:

(pearly white skin)



The last two photos are actually the same girl.

Her name is Kipi, and she’s my favorite cosplay model. ^^


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  1. you're all wrinkly and old oredi?

  2. Hahaha..
    Nice, adding the photos of sexy cosplay japanese girls!!!
    Got me convinced!!!

    I Can't Sew

  3. After reading this, i went to Guardian and bought one bottle.. cost me only rm32 after discount... well, just after 3 days, it seems work on my skin.. thanks ya for reviewing this product

  4. i just got one too!! the tagline 'one drop locks up an ocean' keeps me in suspense! gotta bag it to try! thanks for uploading the video!

  5. does this product work for a women after 50 age?

  6. kenneth, its working for nicole. so it should work for women above 50 too

  7. u mean nicole is above age 50? hahaha

  8. i bet this is the secret for most of the japanese girls...

  9. i bet this is the secret for most of the japanese girls...

  10. because of your blog (+ fourfeetnine & cheesie), I bought this and I am LOVIN' it!!!!