Vacancies for Dive Buddy

Calling all divers...

Nicolekiss is looking for new dive buddies.

(previous dive buddy has migrated from the country T_T)


- A bit silly, sometimes forgetful, might need reminding on certain safety procedures
- fun and bubbly as long as energy remains
- poor stamina, can only last for 8 dives consecutively
- often careless, trip on stones or knock into poisonous corals
- poor swimmer, might delay or swim slow during a strong current
- don't talk much, especially underwater
- patient and considerate diver, willing to wait for fellow divers
- love to snap photographs, consume a large junk of diving time
- willing to try new dive sites in foreign land throughout the year, especially during diving season
- weak. disability to carry tanks and sometimes own weight belt. help would be appreciated.
- does not have own wetsuit or any diving gear, rent as I go
- advanced level, can reach deeper depths.
- doesn't consume air fast, can dive long period

I think that's about it.

diving with clown fish

Open for application. Please send to



8 kissed Nicole

  1. wsh to apply but i'm only good at sinking to the bottom and nothing else.

  2. I don't even have diving license.

  3. am just a beginner...nvr dived after i got my scuba license bcos couldn't find any buddies...and it's expensive for a poor student like me. haha. how i wish i can dive again!

  4. i didnt have any of the characteristic

  5. I so need to get a lesen now now now!

  6. I so need to get a lesen now now now!

  7. after i get my licence><

  8. I've been diving for a long time. Only problem is to get a simple camera for diving.

    Haven't been posting any of my diving photos for quite a while