My Beauty Secret - Collagen

*update* this is not an advertorial

A few people have asked and emailed me after reading my previous post on me drinking collagen.

Questions like:

"Does this work?"

"Let me know if this works, I'm tempted to buy."

"Which brand is better? I saw brand xx and xx selling in xxx places".

So I decided to share my so called... beauty secret. *cough*
To answer all questions at once.

I'm drinking this brand called Fabula - CollagenMax.

fabula collagenMax

I've been drinking it since November 2009. But like most people in the beginning, I don't drink it very often like it suggested (once every 3 days) because these beauty drinks are really expensive! RM158 per box which can last me for a month.

But then as vanity striked (birthday approaching then *more coughing*), I started drinking more frequently mid-January onwards. About the time I came back from Europe.

It's very soon when I finished my second box.

empty box

I know these sort of things don't just show overnight or in a short period of time. So I kept at it, for a while more. Thinking to myself see how this goes.

By the third month of drinking, people started commenting on my skin.

According to them (and I shit you not), my skin (face) started to glow.

Not in a crazy alien sort of way of course. But in a healthy glow. I was really looking.... good.

No more puffy eyes, dark circles were mostly gone, I don't always look like I'm dragged out of bed all the time (believe me, sleeping the way I do at odd hours, I do look like I'm half-dead most of the time) and not sure if this is the effect of the collagen or just pure stress...

But I was losing weight. Gradually.

I credit the effect to half stress and half collagen. (Stress that were coming from certain people who don't think I can afford a trip to South Africa, which btw, it was sponsored. *stick tongue out*)

So I got hold of more of the products.

new parcel

By that, I meant I ordered one year supply of it.


new parcel 5 box

new fabula box

If this goes well, I will be drinking this every month throughout the year religiously for the rest of my life. Yes it might stretch a bit on my wallet but hey, it's worth it! See it as an investment on my skin. And I have never found a better investment than these!

new collagenmax

take one out

And by the way, I actually have another secret too.


Will share it next time.


12 kissed Nicole

  1. do u mean 2009? hehe

  2. Which are the places that sell these? Is there an online shop that I can have a look at? Do they deliver worldwide or just Malaysia wide?

  3. Nicole, can this collagen store in fridge?

  4. thank you.

  5. I am a believer of collagen for as long as i know. I've been taking it for 3 years and i can see the improvement on my skin. I've gain back the elasticity of my skin and the pigmentations are lighter. is expensive but i've taken off some skin supplement after i started taking's worth it.

  6. U can get it online here. I mentioned the link in my entry. But here it is again.

    I think they sell the products at sasa, watson, caring, guardian and etc?

    I store it in fridge, coz it tasted nicer that way :D

  7. now it's sold at watsons in malaysia, do check it out! by the way, at what age should we start having collagen???

  8. so expensive ler. 1 bulan rm200

  9. Hi just wanna ask, can this be bought in Singapore. It sounds real good :D

  10. selling at watsons at what price? rm 200 or rm100+ ?

  11. once every 3 days, means finish the whole bottle once every 3 days?