Chocolate the Kitten

Few days ago my best friend flew down from Brunei and gave me a surprise.

Well, technically he gave my mom a surprise by dropping my belated birthday present at my Melaka home with my family without me knowing.

It's a kitten!!!


I've always wanted a kitten ever since Princess (my very beautiful white persian) passed away almost a year ago.

I was so ecstatic for a few days, and was already planning a trip down to Melaka today just to see Chocolate (we've named her!), and bought some toys for her from a pet store near my place until Gerald suddenly revealed to me yesterday that it was actually a Maine Coon and Birman mix breed.


That changes everything!!

The gift of Chocolate has just increased from ecstatic to kill-me-now-cause-I-can't-handle-the-excitement level!!

If you have no idea what a Maine Coon or Birman breed is? Here are two photos of them.

This is a Maine Coon.

And it is the biggest domestic cat breed you can find on earth.

Where as the Birman kitten is probably the cutest little thing you'll ever see in your life.

I know so because the last time I saw a Birman kitten, it was so cute it ended up on my star metro column. Read here.

And the adult size is just adorable.

Love the face, love the paws, love the fur!

And now. I have a mix breed of both that I loved!

Now to peak your interest in Chocolate, and why I am so obsess with her even before meeting her, this is a video of a Maine Coon playing with a Collie (you know, the medium-sized dog).



Another fact that my best friend revealed to me was that when he was at the pet store, there was another pure Maine Coon kitten there, size of two palms, and it was about three months old. Whereas, Chocolate was the size of an adult stray cat, and Chocolate is only TWO MONTHS OLD! o.O

Maine Coon can already grow really big...

I don't know to what size Chocolate is going to grow until. o.O
(Sometimes I do wonder what Gerald is thinking -.-)

But I'm going to go back to see Chocolate today. So hopefully I'll have photos of her soon.

Breakfast first.



7 kissed Nicole

  1. So, Chocolate will be kept with you in PJ or with ur parents in Melaka? I think be with ur parents better because ur always traveling lol

  2. can't wait to see it! gonna be so cute.

  3. Having a cat is great!!
    Hope you have a great time!

    I Can't Sew

  4. that feline is as big as a truck...ahhaha just kidding about the truck part but ..its true its so huge!!

  5. so toughtful of your friend nic :-) congrats for your new companion!

  6. dearie... that's a sheltie in the vid. a sheltie weighs in around 5–10 kg, while a collie weighs in around 10-25 kg.
    anyways... big cats rule! watch out for your kitty's fur! will need lots of grooming!

  7. I can't wait to see Chocolate too! I'm wondering what a mix of those two species would look like...