Wreck Dive - Journey back to World War II

I know I've been raving on diving like forever on this blog.

So this shall be the last one.

And the best one at that, well, base on my own experience anyway.

In this post, I am going to post about my first ever Wreck Dive.

Shipwreck - Mawali Wreck (a second world war sunken cargo ship located in Lembeh Strait).

mawali wreck

Now I don't know about you. But I'm crazy about shipwreck. Something about a piece of lost history hidden beneath the sea that's waiting to be uncovered really excites me.

wreck reef

Ever since my first encounter with the movie Titanic, I've been fascinated by wrecks for as long as I was fascinated by birds and the bees.

Now I have compiled a documentary video on my journey down to the deep unknown. I have not done a documentary voice over video for a long time and if you're as curious about this dive as I was the first time, you would definitely enjoy this video.

Just a bit of a fact about the wreck, the giant is over 60 meters long and it's located down to 30m below sea level.

submerging to the wreck

That's a long way down for any new diver. Visibility isn't great but the fun part of the dive is the penetration.

Yes you heard me.


diving in darkness

In this video, you will see how me and a few other divers penetrating the wreck. Now not all wrecks can be penetrated, and usually it's dangerous to do so without proper guidance and research. Imagine the wreck crumples and falls on you.

There will be complete darkness. 30 meters below water. Confined in a sunken ship.

Oooohhh.... exciting.

Okay enough talking. Here's the video.

Here are some photos to share inside the wreck. I have to tell you this, it wasn't easy having a torch light on one hand and a camera recording in the other. But.. well.. the things I do for my readers.

lobster in the wreck
oo... lobster. *shine at you*

It's easy to spot a few lion fish hidden in Mawali wreck, away from the current and in the darkness.

lion fish in the wreck

lion fish

And because it wasn't easy to take photo inside complete darkness and confined area, this is perhaps the best shot I had in my entire photo album.

A shrimp.

The whole wreck is tilted in a way that the bottom is facing upward (if you look at the marker drawing white board again in the first photo), so there is plenty of surface area for artificial reef to grow and fester.

Camwhore with giant propeller

Some fish.

fish on wreck


bubble coral

The first dive master I met called this a boobie coral. Cause it's so soft and nice to touch, just like boobs. o.O

boob coral


rubbish underwater
tsk tsk... pick it up when you see on underwater will you?

While swimming along the bottom surface of the wreck, I came across this vast forestation of corals. It's incredibly beautiful.

beautiful forest of corals

I know the photo doesn't do it justice as to how vast this is. But believe me, it's like looking at a lavender field and you couldn't help but gasp at the sight.

forest of corals

And when you touch them (my dive guide showed me), they will retract their "tentacles" like so.

suck in
Looks like a pot of flower now.

Some of the other retractable corals.

coral before and after touch

So with this, I shall end my series of diving post.

I hope you have enjoyed my diving experience as much as I have spent diving and writing them.

coral and sea

I just can't wait for my next wreck dive. ^^


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Those sea creature are really interesting =)
    I wish I can dive as many as you!
    Pls continue sharing~

  2. It's a shame this is the last one I really enjoy the diving photos, so many beautiful things underwater, and to think most people miss it. We still know less about under the sea than we do on the moon. Crazy when you think about it.

  3. Enjoy your diving travelogue!

  4. I'm not going to stop blogging about diving completely. Just for now as I realised I might have over-blogged on the topic for a bit. haha

  5. Beautiful^^ don't stop!

  6. hey!. the diving photos are pretty!. envy much. love your blog. (:

  7. Loved it! I must must must get my license!

  8. Nicole, do you personally have your own goggles for your dives or do you get it from the dive centers?

    I am planning to get my Open Water license soon but not sure if I should be buying anything...