Chocolate (Maine Coon) Photos Revealed!

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Chocolate is so o so so so so so cute!!!

I almost wanted to snatch her up from Melaka back to my KL apartment right on the spot.

But I resisted.

Afterall, Kory has to learn to accept her being around the house while she's still young and SMALL. Can't imagine Chocolate being bigger than Kory that time, it would be the funniest scene.

My mom said she would bully Kory instead.

Anyway yesterday I drove down to Melaka to see Chocolate, we even bought some snacks and a toy for her as a greeting present to the two months old darling.

But despite promising to show the photos to my readers and friends, I totally forgot to bring my camera down!!!

ARGH! Stupid me!

BUT... no worries.

Thank god for a friend's phone camera, we managed to capture a few not-so-clear shots of Chocolate.


The incredibly cute CHOCOLATE!

kena kiap
"Kiap" between my arm and waist
I think she's trying to wiggle out through to the back

As told, she's already quite big for her age, and her species.

chocolate playing with toy

holding chocolate

And she's just a 2 month old kitten no matter how you look at it, ever playful, ever cute!

kitten maine coon mix birman

chocolate and toy
that's the furry toy I got for her, she loved it like crazy

we spent like three hours consecutively playing with her and she just never got tired! So hyperactive!


maine coon mix

She was also all over the place, I think she started to get to know the house pretty well, tunnelling into every spaces between whenever possible.

hiding under sofa

And because Maine Coon is so big for a cat, their lung capacity is bigger too. So when they get tired, they pant, just like a dog, or in this case, like a lion. o.O

As in her tongue would stick out and she would breath really fast. Panting like a Maine Coon.

maine coon kitten panting

hugging chocolate
me hugging Chocolate

Here's a video of Chocolate panting in action.

Warning: Cuteness alert!

Her eyes are of marmalade and so are her fur, and she got lots of them. My mom came up with the name Chocolate, we liked it so we all agreed to it, though my dad said it's a funny name. haha

maine coon mix kitten

All of us are obsessed with her at the moment. My parents, me, my bf, my friends, even my maid, and I bet my brother soon too. We're all going to pamper her! She's just too adorable. Kory gets a bit jealous though, but I think in time she'll be fine with Chocolate too.

In two weeks time, I'm going to bring her up to KL to stay with me for a while. Hehe... she's going to be travelling between cities.

I have videos of her too.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. I am gonna snatch that kitteh!!

  2. besides hyperactive, she also photogenic!!! =)

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    the cuteness is killing me >.<

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  7. I don't really like cats coz they always go climb on my car, and leave paw prints...
    but this is one adorable cat...

  8. damn cute max!!!!!!!!
    it's a she? i rarely see female cat with this color. my cat (n all my previous cats) with this color are all male.

  9. your cat is so kawaii!! love it so much!! hop i was there to hug your chocolate!

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  11. I am soooooo in love now.....

  12. I am soooooo in love now.....

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