Where have the years gone...

What I'd give to be able to wake up seeing this...


and sleep at night with views like this..


That was what I would say if I were single and young.

How I craved those days when I have nothing but me and my own to worry about. Nay love nor responsibility.

A day of instability was a day of comfort for me. Come as I go, meet and greet and later part. I have nothing but I to worry, to think, to take concerns in.

The years have not done me kind, and freedom has all but become a liability than luxury. Youth the keys to true freedom. Yet at this turning point, I'm seeking a sort of stability, the sort of comfort zone that one at my age yearns to establish. I do wonder if I'd owed certain people in my previous life. For these people has done me poorly as of recent years. They might not have realised so, but like a curse, they're poison to my happiness and peace of heart.

They come and think they can intrude someone's personal life like they own it. And use whatever logic and so called wisdom to "teach" and manipulate others. I'm sick of these words and sayings, or their so referred as "teachings", all of which to me were but mere pointless angry disapproving words.

Speak of love for all and praise of god, yet they spit vile to those they claim to love. Manipulate their hearts with words and twist their minds with "reasons".

They can own all the branded goods in the world, and be satisfied with meaningless worldly competition among their peers, but they will never gain satisfaction from loving another, giving another, and providing what even god cannot provide - care for others. They use thy words and pass on to others, yet never really implementing the actions, mere words I'd say, and see.

Then they accuse, base on no grounds, only personal judgment, for they think they wise enough. for they think they solely can love, think, and care. What selfish act, for they couldn't see themselves, and no amount of mirrors can help them reflect the image as they are. They are blinded, ignorant of their own eyes and thoughts, and thought no better of others but themselves.

What has the world come to?

Believe in karma? Believe in good prevails? or stand to fight?

I no longer believe in waiting for miracles to happen. Karma is but for the weak to seek consolation in.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Is this a dirge berating the world?

    I thought from your posts, you are definitely enjoying life. I think your pictures paint a zillion words.I sense unhappiness all of a sudden.

    Have you been wronged or are you in the throes of making some life-changing decision like marriage to your fave soon?

  2. Selfishness is in every person. We can be inconsiderate and speak/do things without a care for others but some of us don't. I believe true happiness lies in sharing, caring, giving and most importantly, loving.

    Believe in God; believe that everything happens for a reason; believe that it will all work out in the end.

    Look from different perspectives; life is wonderful. Stay strong, Nicole!

  3. life is about learning. what you go through day to day teaches you. its for you to inhale them in, think it through and come out with a positive output. there is good to everything bad. like a silver lining?

    everything will be ok. :)