I feel like drinking tonight. Though I have been on a very strict diet recently.

Partly due to my two back to back diarrhea incidents, I have to be more careful with what I put in my mouth.

On top of that, for the past two months I have also religiously been taking collagen and placenta extract on a once every three and two days respectively. Not sure if it's working.

But I've been losing weight, though that could have been resulted from the two cases of food poisonings which resulted in continual lost of appetite, and my complexion has been better, I doubt I have changed my nocturnal insane sleeping pattern much, and I haven't experience water retention after my period (which normally would happen) for the past month so I guess something is working, right?

What's more impressive is that I've been really emotionally stressed out these weeks and normally that would affect my appearance tremendously, but no dramatic changes have occur, thank god for that.

Let's just keep drinking and see how it will work out.

Maybe I might even reach my ideal weight in half a year's time and by then would, hopefully, have a way better complexion than how I was a year back.

Back to wanting to drink.

I know I shouldn't.

But I haven't for a long time and I feel like I really need a drink, and a company at that. One of my best friends has returned from China recently, which is good news, though my best bud Gerald has just returned to Brunei, I had wished I could have stayed back in Malaysia during CNY just so we could catch up. It's sad when you can only see your best friends twice a year. Sigh.

I miss our drinking sessions. Though normally we just drink and talk about nothing. It's those sort of friendship where you know what either one of you is thinking and words are unnecessary. Gerald preferably loves the ocean to do these sort of drinking sessions, probably because our friendship (and his first real backpack trip, or his first taste of freedom even) blossomed at one of the islands overseas, by the beach.

My third best friend is a Muslim, so drinking is out of the question. Apart from the fact that she's a thousand miles away from here. sigh


5 kissed Nicole

  1. water retention after period? i've never heard of tat...

  2. "... I have to be more careful with what I put in my mouth."

    lol good one...

  3. nicole, i guess, is better you stop for the moment!

    for yourself at least... ^^

  4. I have this urge to drink too.. every single week.. hmmm... at least its not every single day rite.. ??