Vodka Spray?

Back from Thailand and managed to catch one last day of Chinese New Year celebration with all my relatives before coming back to reality, and of course, this blog. Keke

Sorry I've been absent. But I bet so was everyone else.

How's Chinese New Year for you? Lots of Ang Pows?

Anyway, just a quick one.

Saw this really funky thing in Bangkok Airport yesterday.

vodka peach spray

It's a spray bottle of an Absolute Vodka Peach flavour! With test paper for you to spray on!

How quirky!

holding a vodka peach spray

I know the idea of letting people have a "smell" of the vodka flavour, but this idea of a perfume-style tester is just so cute!

peachy smell

I wonder if I can drink from it...

spray into mouth

er... I mean.. spray from it.



Okay. Gonna go out to play mah jong with mom and brother.

Gimme back my RM35!!!! T_T


5 kissed Nicole

  1. better don't use this. if road block, then susah to explain . btw, happy cny

  2. that's interesting... I guess other food/beverages seller should try to adopt this concept. Let the customer try at least the SMELL thereof :-)

  3. i will go hunt for this next month when i go thailand..

    at least as a memory!

  4. Saw that in Penang airport too. Some ang moh was spraying into their mouth to test the flavour.

  5. Anyone could have mistaken it to the liquor!

    BTW, I used one of your Flickr photo in my blog post. I hope you're okay with it.