Found the One!

I think I might have the found the place.

As in THE place.

It's quite pricey. But the place is so divine!!

Spacious, tastefully furnished, and really clean.

Love everything about the place, wanted to stay there the moment I walked into the place.

Let's see if this time nothing will go wrong.

Pray hard guys.

No bad lucks. Shoo shoo bad lucks, go away.

I've seen the agents, I know his office location, so no more running away.

The owner can't MIA either cause I know where she works. Hehe...

Seems to be trust-able source. Enough communication establish.

So cross your fingers guys. If I'm lucky enough, you will get to see my new place by next week! OMG!

Just in time for my birthday. ^^


8 kissed Nicole

  1. All the best nicole! Hope everything works out for you!

  2. all the best nicole! hope to get your house warming invitation soon~=P

  3. nice post. thanks.

  4. Hey Nicole, hope it works well for you this time round.