No time

Just woke up. Spent the whole night watching drama.

No time to blog.


Went to Singapore two weeks ago and saw this "Hi My Sweetheart" showing on TV and kinda got hooked.

Initially I thought it was just some typical Taiwanese drama (well it IS a typical Taiwanese drama) with pretty actors and actresses prancing around. But it's SO DAMN FUNNY!!

Rainie is just so cute and Show Lo damn funny.

I'm such a bad blogger.

Okay la. Two more episodes to go, after that I'll blog. Yup.



6 kissed Nicole

  1. yes!i was way addicted to this drama as well!
    i love show luo,he really put lots effort in this drama.

    of course,i cannot believe he can act so well as DA LANG!:)

  2. oh dear, you make me want to watch also :P
    Any clue where can I watch it here in UK?

  3. Nicole!
    Its my first time leaving comment..
    Now,I'm also hooked up with this drama.And I have 3 episode more to go..hahaha...

  4. OMG!! i love rainie yang so much...

    is it on youtube yet???

  5. I started watching this drama yesterday when I was feeling down.. started with epi5 cos sis deleted the first four after she has watched it.

    got hooked by this drama.. really nice.. went to sleep at 2sth.. and woke up at freaking 6sth O_o

    guess I'll be at home during CNY instead of going for visiting :)

  6. Da Lang, da Lang, da Lang da Lang da Lang da Lang da Lang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dalangdalangdalang......