What we do when we're not diving

me with bandana

lady gerald

Making fools out of ourselves, having fun and snapping lots of photos of course.

bandana nicole

I wonder if the word Bandit has something to do with Bandana.

bandana gerald 2

Gerald looks scary when he squints his eyes.

bandana gerald

Well actually when we're not diving, we sleep.

raymond sleeping

Or suffer from severe seasickness.

blur look after diving

Well, not really.

We (particularly I) do get seasick a lot of the times when we get out of the sea, but that's just one part of the journey. No big~

*though I did cry one time after surfacing* @_@

gerald and i in water

No la, actually when we're on land, we took the chance to snap lots of photos around islands. It's actually quite amazing what three cameras can do combined together.

sipadan island 2

But before that, just to prove that we were there at Sipadan, here are some classic photos with the ol' Sipadan sign.

peekaboo nicolekiss

Which, btw, has been moved from the wood platform at the resthouse to the sand.


A photo of me and Gerald in Sipadan in 2008.

me and gerald in sipadan 2008
Gerald failed his open water hence he wasn't diving *holds breath from laughing*

Then this was us in Sipadan in 2009.

me and gerald at sipadan sign
I had to do a weird heel because there's no more platform for me to sit on.

Don't think we've changed much. Heh~

vote for sipadan

Though this time we were there with more friends.

sipadan group photo

sipadan group photo 2

(the girl of our group at that point was still taking her open water license :p)


Now to just photos alone.

These are pretty amazing. They're not taken by me.

So sit back, relax, feel the breeze.

Enjoy the scroll.



sipadan island view

three colors

platform bridge

floating branch

boat and sea

sea grass

dried branch

bright sun

fallen coconut leave

rocks and sea

westley and sea

rocks and clear water

pretty beach

bald branch

beach sand and tree

beach and tree

beautiful island

oh look it's me.

This particular set of photos are all credit of Raymond. I didn't realise he was such a great photographer till I went through these photos. Wow!

So what do one do when one is taking a break between dives. Plenty, and nothing really.

the sea

Normally out here there's no signal whatsoever, so you can't do your callings, sms-ing, internet-ing, etc. Hence it's the nature, you and your camera alone. oh, and your curiousity.

hermit crab

On one particular trip, we were dropped off at this secluded inter-connecting islands.

island photo

There was NOTHING on this island, all we could find were sand and trees on it.

and me.

nicolekiss on island

Just Kidding.


So what I did was that I sat down on the beach, waddled around in shallow water, and watched a couple of starfish mated.

starfish mating 2

No actually I put them there that way. LOL. I don't know how starfish mate.

starfish mating

The top one then got irritated and not knowing what to do (obvioussly a virgin), it slowly moved away.

starfish mating

So I picked it up again.

nicolekiss and small starfish

nicolekiss and starfish
"ma can I bring this home? "

And found that there are a lot of mini tentacles wiggling underneath that seemingly hard shell on top.

live starfish

Seemingly hard because when I put it on my hand, after a while, the starfish just kinda slumped down.

You know, all its little tube feet sagged towards gravity.

holding a live starfish

I better put it back into the sea before Raymond eats it.

raymond eating starfish

falling star

Meanwhile, Gerald was doing a funky ninja while me and Westley continue exploring the sea.

gerald with me and westley behind

Then I started exploring taking different kinds of photography with our underwater camera.

You know the sort of photos that's between air and water.

close up sea and distant sky

paired stars underwater

Well, found out that it's kinda hard when the camera lens is a tiny lens from a compact digital.

This was the closest to the possible effect I wanted it to turn out.

rippling water at mataking

rippling water

Oh well.

Be cautious when you're out there, you know that darn sun can be vicious on your mind when you expose yourself under it for too long.

Look what it did to Gerald.

weird pose from gerald

gerald resting on water
Gerald pretending to be a floating log. Westley wetting his burnt head in the back.

Look what it did to us.

two best friends

two medidating divers

When you find yourself doing pointless things after taking a break from diving for too long. Get out of the sun!!!

taking photo of people taking photo
Raymond caught us doing funky pose in action

saying hi from a distance
"Hi Raymond!!" Waving frantically from a distance

Other places we had breaks was Sipadan island itself, which was nice because there's a shelter where you can have lunch (bring your own la).


Or just hanging about at sea (in the boat la).

sipadan island

clear sea water

Right. End of my on land documentaries. Time to head back to the boat,

nicolekiss getting on boat

and continue my ninja action underwater

ninja nicole underwater



19 kissed Nicole

  1. KY will be going to Sipadan too. So nice.

  2. wow, I've definetely book sipandan next time then! cool pics!

  3. hey nicole.

    nice pictures. but starfish dont mate. they are asexual. you may refer to form 3 text book chapter 4, reproduction.

  4. hey nicole.

    nice pictures. but starfish dont mate. they are asexual. you may refer to form 3 text book chapter 4, reproduction.

  5. "No actually I put them there that way. LOL. I don't know how starfish mate." -- hahaha. You're funny. :)

    Looks like a really awesome trip! I'm jealous!

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