Feisty Clown Fish

I've been wanting to show this video to you guys for a while now, I recorded it during one of my muck dives in Lembeh.

It's a video of this male dominant clown fish trying to protect his nest where his wife and baby were resting.

In the video you will see the clown fish keep charging at big old me and the camera to try to fend me off and protect his home.

Couldn't resist staying on to watch and record because the little bugger was just too cute!

(just posted the video, so if it's not loaded yet, wait for 10 mins and load again)

The shakiness (diving and recording at the same time is not an easy task) might not show it, but Mr Husband was charging back and forth at me. I've never seen a tiny clown fish being so brave in front of a human before.


I left them alone in the end. Too cute to resist, just wanna tease the fella a bit by staying on for a bit.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Aww..the clown fish is sooo cute! You are so lucky!