Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you secured your computer lately?

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wcsd_logo (5)

IF you have never heard of such a day before, now you have.

World Computer Security Day is an actual day. And it falls on this day – 30th Nov. CyberSecurity Malaysia is leading celebrations in conjunction with World Computer Security Day over here. Cybersecurity Malaysia is a government agency tasked with promoting cyber and Internet security among Malaysian Internet users

One of the world’s most substantial and important industries is dealing in computer and Internet security. And it’s not hard to see why, as you can’t underestimate the losses you could incur from a careless mistake when dealing with the security of your computer.

Imagine you have a whole list of highly confidential company documents, and your laptop gets infected with a virus which eventually wipes out all those documents or worse -- distributes them out to the public.


But it happens.

Now imagine if you have a whole stash of self-made “personal” videos (ahem) and you don’t have a firewall, and someone breaks into your computer and uploads all of those videos to the Internet.


Only God can save you then.

See CyberSecurity Malaysia as your friendly local online security expert. If you have fallen victim to a cyber security breach, you should contact them right away for help. (want to know how to do that, read on)

I know this might sound a bit too good to be true, but hey, check them out and find out for your self. You’ve got nothing to lose, especially if you’ve been duped online.

CyberSecurity Malaysia launched a website,, in August this year and that’s where you can learn and access a truckload of resources on computer safety, ranging from tips to videos.

If you have any true internet-horror story that you might want to share, like your leaked sex tape (just kidding), submit them to to share with the public and raise awareness about the importance of Internet security.

If you like the idea, then become their fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@WCSDMY).

This is how you can report a case of online threat:

If you or your friend is a victim of computer security breaches or any illegal activity in the internet, you can
1. refer the incident to Cyber999 TM Help Centre by calling 1-300-88-2999
2. send email to
3. fill up an online report at or

So do yourself a favor today. Change your password (I did on my msn and email because it got hacked and wiped out all my contacts T_T), do a complete back-up on your computers/laptops, install or update your anti-virus software and stop surfing malware-filled porn sites.


Virgo SuperStar Cruise

Remember the drunk saga I got into in May?

star cruise virgo corridor
the corridor which I stumbled back to my room

Well, this was where the story began.

star cruise virgo

I wanted to take a cruise since I grew out as a kid.

I remembered following my parents to cruise all the time when I was little and having them left me at the slot machine and a bundle of money while they headed into the casino for some adult game. pfft.

outside starcruise ship

But I didn't care. I loved the slot machine, I loved how it always surprised me when the coins would stumble out when I hit something right, and every single slot I pulled was full of anticipation.

I loved how there's always a section for kids and I remembered there was a clown who'd always entertained all of us minors.

Then there was the endless buffet.

making chocolates

Oh yes, the buffet, the happiness of eating endlessly. I don't think I can do that anymore.

I don't remember much of the rooms though, since it was a time where we didn't need or asked to sleep early. It was a glimpse of adult freedom for me.

our room

So this year, I booked myself a cruise to no where (high sea) with Cookie to relive some of my childhood memories.

smiling nicole
No longer a child

pouty nicole
trying to become a kid again, oh look, I look like myself in my camera.

Since the only cruise one can take in this region is Superstar Cruise, and they no longer serve Klang Port boarding, we made a trip down to Singapore to board the cruise.

waiting at Vivocity

salmon penne pasta
having lunch while waiting for our time to board

Once we got on the cruise, after going through a series of passport submission and H1N1 checks, we made it into the room.

cookie in centre of bed
cookie hogging the bed

Cookie immediately went to combine the bed so he can have a bigger space to sleep on.

Distraught, I fought with Cookie and got the better of him.

reading paper
Cookie defeated in the corner.

If anything else, but hall was grander than I last anticipated.

grand hall

golden horses in grand hall

me standing in grand lobby

But then it was a dutch cruise I took last time and the ship was much bigger and services were superb. Every staff including the performers was a gorgeously made up foreigner.

enquiring at reception
asking for a ship map at the reception

We strolled the entire cruise the first day/evening, on top of the deck, we found a large swimming which we've sworn to swim in but never did.

deck swimming pool

Next to it was a hot jacuzzi and water slide.

hot jacuzzi

spiral water slide

Which we wanted to try but never did either. Sigh~

water slide

There's a lot to do on the cruise. It's like staying in a big fat resort which all the facilities you can have, but on the ocean and no one to stop you, quite literally. You phone will be useless out here too.

You can go to the gym to work out all the food you've eaten.


You can play mah jong with your friends, strangers or family.

mah jong room

mah jong table

You can have a drink in the club/bar,

night club

Sing karaoke with old uncles,

celeberity disco
celebrity disco - this was where I got drunk

Become a pilot and steet the ship,

pilot nicolekiss

go to the library - my favourite place on board.

book shelves

library globe

or eat your heart out multiple times a day till your stomach explodes with all the wonderful delicious buffet. Their food were really delicious despite it's roughly-made outlook.

chef at buffet

I was completely thrown off by the capability of all their chefs on board - to prepare food for so many people was not easy, to make it taste nice was a talent.

dinner serving 1
I know it looked shitty but it's really very nice.

There's also a lot to spend on.

Like souveniers, drinks, more food (even though meals were included in the package four times a day at different restaurants all over the ship, you can pay for own one if you want other selections at odd hours), wines from wine shop and a dozen other ridiculous things which you would only buy when you hit jackpot in the casino.

$30k 50 year old chivas

50 year old chivas

Say, a 50 year-old Chivas for example?

Like the highlight of every cruise, there's a Casino. Which would only open when the ship hit high sea and no tax needed to be incurred for opening one.

Here you would find all the Singaporeans and Chinese sitting in front of the closed door waiting for their first gamble.

sitting outside casino

At night, we went up the deck to look at the beautiful harbour before it departed.

the night of singapore harbour

And then it happened. That night I got pissed drunk and forgot what occurred following. (what a way to start a cruise, yea baby, wtf)

All I knew was that I woke up at noon to a nagging hang-over, all body achingly pain with bruises and a face pale as paper.

Trying to smile but I actually felt quite shitty.

So instead we went for lunch at Bella Vista restaurant.

posing with bella vista

bella vista in virgo star cruise

Probably the swankiest restaurant on board too.

sitting in bella vista

We were given several selections for our set lunches on a menu.

bella vista set lunch

And this was what we were presented.

fresh bread

garden salad


chicken dish

beef roulade


chocolate ice cream puffs

milk dessert

milk dessert 2

They looked nice right?
Tasted otherwise. I personally prefer the buffet over this three course meal.

It's either I was affected by my hangover and everything tasted aweful, on top of that I didn't feel like eating at all; or that the food was sucky.

The desserts' not bad though.

We ended the day roaming all over the cruise, visit the casino and sitting on lounges and stared blankly out at sea.

sea view

being funky
being funky

Then we stored away the camera to enjoy the rest of our stay before retiring to the deck in the evening for an outdoor BBQ.

As expected, it was superb.

Thus ended my 3 days 2 nights cruise at high sea. Le sigh~

(next cruise, year 2012 :p)