WLV4273 Kelisa - Fat Bitch!

There’s only one thing more despicable than a hit-and-run, and that is a BAD BAD driver.

The type of bad driver that should not be allowed to have a permit to touch the wheel, least to say to drive.

But you know what’s more hateful than a bad driver?


WLV 4273

Silver Kelisa.

I'm watching you...

The lady (more like an ripen teenage looking aunty) who drove the car on the 7th Nov at 12am
in Jalan Alor (or more precisely, Jalan Changkat Tong Shin) was a fucking bitch who just hit and run on a BMW 3 series.

Yo anyone who knows this f*cking idiot FAT Chinese bitch who was flirting with a Malay dude in the middle of the night, probably looking for a few one night stands of her own, please tell her that she has the tendency to NOT KNOW how to reverse her LITTLE KELISA and scratched a BMW, drove out onto the street, even with the owner of the BMW standing next to her, upon instruction that she was to park at the side of the street and discuss this, actually drove on and AWAY!!!


This was the whole scenario earlier midnight.

WLV 4273

First we arrived at Jalan Tong Shin, where all the good food roams, with everywhere full parked.
So we managed to come in front of my boutique hotel where I was spending my few days in KL.

(I'm like on a hotel marathon every time I come up to KL, no point renting a place here since I'll be travelling again soon, so far I've stayed in Cititel, Sunway Resort, Pyramid Tower, Radius hotel, etc etc etc but that's another story)

Everywhere was full (of cars) and just right in front of my boutique hotel was this WLV 4273 Kelisa who despite its size, parked COMFORTABLY (to size in her lack of driving skill) in a space that's enough to fit in TWO cars!

driving in

We wanted to park, of course. Since there was no more parking space. So we got out of the car and asked nicely.

ask politely to move

ask to go away

And seeing that there were no where else to park and the fat bitch REFUSED to move her LITTLE kelisa and continued to FLIRT and CHAT with the Malay guy.

We decided to improvise.

park nex to fat bitch

We wheezed our BMW into the space, careful not to scratch or come to close to her car, and managed to fit into the parking space nicely.

Then after negotiated her price for the night and decided she was too cheap and cannot pay up to the Malay gigolo finished talking to her "friend", which was like 3 minutes later (bitch!), she was reversing out.

ample space to reverse out, it was side ways afterall

instead of hitting on reverse gear and steering her wheel left, she reversed in STRAIGHT LINE!!!


It doesn’t prove that girls parking and driving skills are bad.

It is just the FAT BITCH who is the sad specimen of the womankind. Shows that ugly bitch (on the inside and out) can’t drive, don’t’ have the moral sense to face her faults, nor have the BRAIN and ethical sense (there lack of) to drive away!!

And this was after being instructed (kindly by the victim whose car got scratched) on how to reverse her car out onto the street.


No sorries. Nothing!

1st: she parked in two space (it's only a Kelisa, how much space do you want?! F**k woman! what's the point of driving a small car if you can't even park properly provided a decent space)

2nd: she refused to drive out and and parked slightly to the left while she chatted on with his street fling, who told us off and asked us to go away

3rd: she was there only for another few minutes, is it so hard to accomodate when we asked so nicely to move??? doesn't her mother teach her anything? uneducated fugly pig! oh, i guess not, she was too poorly educated to know what was common courtesy.

4th: she decided to drive straight out and hit the car! (instead of asking us to move, even if she couldn't find us, she could have honked her car like most people do here in KL to inform and ask us to move ours if she already KNEW that her driving skill was THAT BAD. Or maybe she actually thought she passed her driving test with flying colors despite the fact that it was her dad who bribed the driving instructor to let her pass)

5th: when we saw that our car got hit, we dashed out and spoke to the fat bitch, taught her how to properly reversed her car so that she could be on the road again, and also asked her to drive to the side of the road so we could discuss this incident further.

And she drove further in front, and decided, she was going to pull a hit and run.

So she DROVE AWAY!!!

When we confronted the Malay guy whom she was chatting to earlier, assumed by us to be her friend, the Malay guy told us off!!! Said if we want we can report to the police!! WTF?!

He dared to "pakat" with her and probably was the one who asked her to run away and don't care!

SO yes, if anyone's seen a FAT (ok I don't know if she's fat, she was in a pony tail so she looked kinda plump hiding in her car) SLUT (well, who knows, why else would she be driving all alone in Jalan Alor talking to some random crude and rude single Malay guy on the street?) who's driving a Silver Kelisa by the Number plate of WLV4273.

Please kindly direct her to me.

I have a bill for her to sign.



28 kissed Nicole

  1. This shows how inconsiderate and ignorant some people are.
    There was this once I was in my mates car, and this stupid fella behind us, who dunno how to brake, bumped into our car. That bugger din even pullover, he just drove off. Asshole.

  2. lol....... so lucky to meet such MOTHERBITCH

  3. Someone needs to teach them some manners.

  4. learn the western cowboy style.
    Search, locate (GPS), and destroy...hehe...or eliminate...

  5. Wow, I feel you. What a stupid lady. If I were you, I would be extremely furious and cursing for 3 weeks straights. Firstly because the car got damaged. Second because you met such uneducated people. Seriously, what an asshole.

  6. Like gosh! you certainly woke me up from an Sat afternoon slumber LOLZ

    Stay Kewl, lovely. There are many many more bitches out there that'll get on your nerves.

  7. Life's like that. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The fat bitch won this time.

  8. My gawd...so irresponsible! Is the damage big on your car?

  9. can ask from my banker friends if u want. u'll get the complete detail including her phone no# and address.

  10. just go to the police and order them to 'settle' for you. don't let this bitch get away! i hate these kind of people!

  11. it's sad to say that idiots still roam this world.

  12. Police too busy to bother such case . Jalan Alor not the place to frequent...

  13. you own a BMW ??? wow . Did you buy it with your blogging money

  14. Gawd.... I hate that Bi*ch

  15. just report to police. Had this happen to me once. Believe it or not the police actually acted on it and located the person. The other party then pleaded (it was an offense for them not to report it) for me to withdraw report and settled extra.
    In any case it is better to report as the fat bitch might have reported the case and blamed you. My 2 sen...

  16. Just report to the police. After all, he dared you to do that.

  17. Report to police ASAP. The other side supposed to make a police report within 48 hours of the accident as well. If no report received/made by the other side, consult a lawyer and sue her fat ass for property damage. That fat bitch's insurance co. may not cover her as well if she failed to lodge a police report. Hence if you sue her and succeed, she may have to fork out her own money to pay you! :P

  18. Horrible woman, shouldnt have let her reverse out, should ask her to settle it, show driving license, copy ic no, take phone number then only let her go

    Hope u guys reported it

  19. well..nicole..someone reversed into my car on the same day on the same day as ur incident and she wanted to run away but i managed to yell and chase after her car..and yet she still dare to say i am the one who is wrong..wtf..i'll let my insurance ppl deal with that dumb bitch..let them hire debt collectors to collect the money of her..well i do know how u feel..

  20. Show us the power of bloggers! Do let us know if you finally manage to get that fat lady (I rather won't use b***h although she is one!)

  21. You can go to JPJ wangsa Maju
    Go to the Kaunter : Butir-Butir kenderaan
    They will charge you RM20
    you will get the details of the owner of the car
    Just tell them that you just want to buy the car and need to validate the information to avoid fraud.

    works for me last time i tried it

  22. Aiya, should have told me, then I can buy 4D :p

  23. fat bitch... haha..
    men-sia-sui-kan chinese saja!! >=(

  24. Hye, i think u shud chase her for watever it takes..
    cause maybe it will happen to the others as well..
    I hate this kind of driver..

  25. did u report her to the police at jalan bandar ?
    then u can claim on her insurance
    i hv the same experience , hit and run and i manage to claim on him !
    the reason why they normally run is becoz either drunk / no driving licence / road tax not renew!
    the last one means u cant claim on him already ...

  26. i was there...but didn't saw anything.... hahaha drunk maybe

  27. She's a coward and inconsiderate for fleeing the scene. Get her details Nicole (oh,maybe that's not even her car, maybe it's her dad's car). But anyway, try to trace this fella and settle with her. No free money

  28. Probably the Fat "MF" Bitch was intimidated by your beauty and she responded the only way she knows how to respond by being a MF. She needs to get her ass f**k desperately.

    The sad part is, they are too many fat bitches and bastards still roaming around.