Report Police? Yea right~

Just so you know, we've already reported the case to the police, together with the culprit who drove away.

But you know what did the nice police men reply to us?

"Oh, it's like this one la~"

"There's nothing you can do about it. If you want write your details down and we'll see what we can do."

500 bucks say that they won't give a shit about "the case".

This only proved that rude Malay guy right. Sigh~ Really? Do our police force do anything at all?

After reading the comments posted in the previous post, I realized a lot of you have experienced similar things too. Is this a Malaysia culture?!

1Malaysia? My foot.

However, a reader commented as such.

You can go to JPJ wangsa Maju
Go to the Kaunter : Butir-Butir kenderaan
They will charge you RM20
you will get the details of the owner of the car
Just tell them that you just want to buy the car and need to validate the information to avoid fraud.

I think I might just do that.

You know how Murphy's law goes?

My tragic series of unfortunate events didn't end just there that night.

That night, my BB curve hang.

Well, kinda.
It didn't literally hang.

But because I "BB ON" my data plan but the network wasn't registering. I have to force shut the phone (took the battery out even) and when I switched it on again.

My Blackberry Messenger disppeared. And there was this icon asking me to upgrade my BBM. So yea, fine. Upgrade.

Guess what.

Upon upgrade.

I lost ALL my BBM contacts.


Now I need to collect them one by one again.

two contacts
Back to two lonely contacts. *sob*

But you guys who upgraded your bbm already don't have to worry a thing. Because the new upgraded BBM has the auto backup feature.

I wish I knew this earlier. T_T


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Get d address of dat fat ass from JPJ and then dig her out from her shell. Tit for tat we'll help you engrave tattoos on her...wat did you say....oh her silver kelisa. I'm good at deflate car's tyres..all four ! Need my expert service yeah!!

  2. since u make this public. Legally speaking,is any thing happen to her car, You may be the first suspect. So many supporters to revenge on yr behalf.
    We live in a environment that you must avoid being too ;kaypoor.
    Other ppl may be daring than us and could be God father's daughter...

  3. Do the police report. Get the f.. b...h's insurance particulars and claim third party repairs off her insurance policy.

    Next year she will no longer have No Claim Bonus when she buys her insurance! That will be the sweetest revenge on that fat oaf!

  4. relax girl, take a few deep breaths... think about it and the whole situation might not seem as bad... at least no one got hurt... (although if it's my car... my jantung will hurt damn bad... and I might not be saying this as well...) but ANYWAY:

    come to think of it... even if she were to come down (which she should), I doubt she'll have $$$ to pay you guys (still, a sincere apology at least). Making a police report, then claiming her car insurance means that it's gonna be dang mar-farrnn, sending the beemer to the garage, wait for dunno-how-long, and you might end up with crappy workmanship on the car after being repaired by her insurance company's appointed workshop, or worse -> original beemer parts being swapped...

    and since it's her decision to hit & run showed that she really has got no money, or the car might not be hers... so from my POV, get the beemer fixed at your trusted garage, and let this thingy call KARMA do it's routines...

  5. Yes, like what Family of Four said, claim HER insurance. But do it thru your insurance company

  6. jz go get her details. our police? ahem. we all know how they are!!

  7. You can't trust the police to do the work for you... For the last time, the policewoman nearly writing wrong police report of my mum's accident...

    They just blame computer got problem which is actually not. It's their silly and bad written Bahasa Melayu (some more it's their No.1 Language)...

    I think the JPJ way is much better although you need to fork out RM 20. If I were you, I chased that b*tch on the spot till she stop! :P

  8. u must hv read in newspaper report about a female marketing executive chasing a robber in her MyV after being relieved of her money and h/phone and sending him off to hell from his mount on his iron horse to enjoy his ill gotten gains with the devils!

    That's it. Wat comes around goes around !! As for that fat arse hole who drove away, pray dat she shit bricks dat morning after.....

  9. bugger, i feel like hugging u cause u sound so frustrated

  10. btw, let it go is too beautiful to waste your time trying to teach ppl a lesson. She will get what is due. U just go on enjoying the finer things in life.....dont be so pat wanna find out who the driver is etc...its not going to acomplish anything...

    this is good advice.....=)