Lens Acquired!

I know I'm suppose to blog about the last few remaining parts of my New Zealand trips. But I couldn't help it. The advertorial has to go up first and I just can't wait to share this news with everybody.

Remember the blog post I posted a few entries back calling out for a canon lens sponsor?


You don't ask, you will surely never get.

And I asked.

And and and...

new canon lens

Ta da!!!!

Thank you my 10-22mm sponsor Mr Tuang!!!

We should go for Peking Duck lunch in London?!! :D

Ngeh ngeh to all haters who criticized my shamelessness.

Initially I had wanted the 17-40mm wide angle lens but after reading my readers' comments (which I always take very seriously in, sorry that I didn't get to reply all the time) on the better lens to get, and after reading and watching few reviews on the net, I decided to go for the 10-22mm lens instead!

10-22mm lens box

canon 10-22mm lens
Equivalent to the price of my 500D.

The lens managed to come in time for my HCMC trip.

And OMG I love my new baby!!! I'm using this to shoot every thing now in Vietnam. Crazy nice and clear and WIDE!!!!


Just to show you a photo taken from this baby at LCCT before my departure.

lcct with 10-22mm lens
Casey sending me to the airport.

Look how wide the lens can capture. I can see everything!!!

*doing the happy dance*

*show butt to all haters before*


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow.. very nice got some1 to sponsor... ^_^...

    Ow.. yeah.. it's look good using that baby... *Drooling*

  2. Waaaa.... Mr Tuang can sponsor me Bokeh lens? Hehehehe

  3. hahaha.. i also wna sponsor le.. haha.. take lots of nice pics.. im also planning to go vietnam next yr so will wait for ur update on places to stay, visit, eat etc!

  4. Wah... do you think if i asked for a dSLR, someone will sponsor me that?? >.<

  5. Wah... do you think if i asked for a dSLR, someone will sponsor me that?? >.<

  6. aww congrats!!! 35mm 1.4L will be the next one?