Follow Me Will be Following Me to My Travels


Today I am going to perform an advertorial ritual.

I’m going to review Follow Me Oil Control whitening product series.

follow me oil control set

With that said, I brought the set into my toilet and laid them out on my dressing table.

follow me oil control complete set

Check out the travel pack! My favourite!

So without any make up on and risking the criticism of exposing my bare face to the world, here’s me on a bad hair day after not sleeping most of the night before.

before washing

Considering that I didn’t sleep much, I didn’t look half bad.
Though panda eyes were starting to show.
Tsk tsk.

hair tied up

Since I’d be washing my face, so it’s best that I tied my hair up.

Let’s start with the cleanser.


The thing I like about this series was that it has whitening feature, which is always a plus plus for me in buying any skin care product.

I hate being dark, though I am quite dark myself, and it doesn’t help that I travel so much. S.i.g.h.
(Why can’t the world be perfect).

squeezing cleanser gel

Squeeze an inch or two out, rub it on your hand in circular motion and then apply on your face.

washing face

Looks like I have a white mask on. Haha.

washing face 2

Then after performing few circular motion on your cheeks, around your nose and forehead, wash it off with clean water.

half way washing out cleanser
Halfway washing

clean face after cleanser

Ta-da! Clean face!
Damn it, dark circles still there.

Now move on to toner.
toner and pad

For girls, and guys, out there who don’t know how to apply toner, this is how you do it.

First you will need a cotton pad.

Hold it between your index and ring fingers in a way where the top of the cotton pad will be revealed on top of your middle finger.

Then soak it with toner.

pad soaked with toner

Be generous with your toner. We want it really wet (oh yea~).

Then gently start tabbing on your face, covering the entire area.

tab on face

apply toner on face


Final step.


squeezing out moisturiser

Now this is the most important step for me.

You see, I have combination skin. And since this series is an oil control range, it would mean the normal non oily part of my face can be rather dry after washing with cleanser.

No worries. Just apply moisturiser and your face will be fine.

tabbing moisturiser on face


Slap a slightly thicker layer on the dryer part of your facial skin and less so on the oily part. That’s how you can control your overall facial skin balance. :)


clean refreshed face

Now in case you have pimple, they also have the pimple gel that’s guarantee to make your pimple visibly less, well, visible in three days time.

pimple cream

The gel is greenish transparent like and consist of what I believe to be Sea Algae and Tea Tree Oil.

pimple gel
Could be lighting of my skin making the gel looked more yellowish than greenish, but it’s really is greenish.

Now I don’t really have any pimple on my face at the moment (thank god), but I did have a pimple mark left by a recent pimple on the corner of my forehead.


So yep, there it went.

applying pimple gel

Now I was finally done!
Ps// you should apply the pimple gel before the moisturiser, but I forgot and too lazy to repeat the process anyway.

Just when I thought I was done, I realized I forgot one more step! Before the cleanser!

Blackhead Remover!!!
So instead of starting all over again, I decided to pick a random make species to partake in this daily ritual.

Well, it is a unisex product. Yes?

casey and blackhead remover

squeezing blackhead remover cream

“Wait! Before that! Your fringe is too long!” I shouted.

So I made him do the unspeakable.

casey and headband

Awe… how cute. And it’s pink!

Upon instruction, Casey rubbed the gel onto his T-zone in circular motion. And there I spotted little residue forming on his forehead as he’s doing this.


Then he proceeded to wash his face with the cleanser, applied toner and moisturizer.

And DONE! Again.

shining face
I use green leaves brush to match the color theme of Follow Me Oil Control. Hehe~

Shiny as new.

Here’s a contest that people like me, who takes a lot of photos of themselves, would be interested to join. :)


Buy RM20 and above of FOLLOW ME Oil Control products. Take a creative photo of yourself with the product. With proof (scan or photo) of your receipt, send your entry by MMS or email to


follow me snapshot

You could just win a cover page opportunity with Campus Plus magazine cover and Follow Me press ad, a Samsung Delphi phone and ONE YEAR supply of the said products. Woo hoo!

It has now been 20 minutes since I applied my final step of the Follow Me Oil Control set.
And my face still felt really smooth, not too dry, not oily at all.

Almost like there’s a layer of smooth powder over my face. Nice~ I like this feeling
*touching my face*

Ermm… I think I would actually bring this set to my travels since they’re actually quite of convenient size in bottles even for the normal set. Affordable, easy to travel with. What’s not to like?

Here are a few photos of me shooting this advertorial with my 500D.

taking photo of cleanser

taking photo

Not easy you know, camwhoring with a DSLR.

At the end of his ritual, I spotted Casey chucking his pink headband onto the floor.

throw headband

But but, it looked so cute on you~? @_@ *watery eyes*


7 kissed Nicole

  1. I like your look with tied hair at the 4th photo. :D

    And ya, i think it's not the way to hold a dslr LOL

  2. love everything, love the pics, oh.. this product not try before :)

  3. You look much better with no make up, trust me!

  4. Nicole...hihihi, you made me so eager to try these series of products. Nice ^_^

  5. Nicole u look good even without the makeup and panda eyes.

    Unfortunately I feel you can do better in the bf department tho.


  6. You definitely some hand lotion. Your hand look dry and weak.

  7. wow you look so skinny here