Christchurch - The Last Leg

*update* review of dim sum restaurant in this post has been updated in my food blog.

I arrived at my final leg in New Zealand - Christchurch adopting a new concept for masking tape.

masking tape wallet 3

My host in Christchurch taught me that the best way to not get your wallet stolen was by making your very own wallet from the cheapest material you can find in a stationery shop. (He lost his previous LV wallet)

masking tape wallet 2

masking tape wallet

After hitch hiking down from Marlborough with a random German couple, I met up with Danny, my reader and host in Christchurch. A sweet sensitive guy whom you should be dialing his number right now to ask for a date.

danny driving

sitting in car

while I comfortably sat in his car as he drove me around Christchurch

driving to cable car

We went out of town to take the gondola up the Port Hills to see the beautiful landscape Christchurch takes pride in.

gondola sign

posing inside gondola

The ride cost us NZD44 for two. Not a cheap ride, but definitely worth while considering there up there were really spectacular.

looking down from gondola

ocean within

beautiful bay

The cafe's food quite delicious. A great place for an afternoon tea.

building on top

sitting in gondola cafe

From the summit, you can catch a glimpse of Akaroa - a historic French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano.

mountain ocean bay

If you have the transport and time here in Christchurch, take a day trip 85 km east to Akaroa to bask in the beauty of what's left by two erupted volcanoes.

beautiful scenery at the top

The place was first sighted by Captain Cook in 1770 and was then was settled by French in the mid 1800.

Get a jacket when you visit the summit, it's windy.

strong wind blowing my hair

I mean really windy.

Now my Christchurch experience can be summed up in two: Food

chicken feet

& Culture.

nicole posing on colorful steps

Danny's parents own a very neat dim sum restaurant in Christchurch which he brought me there for lunch one day.

danny and dim sum menu

The restaurant is called Foo San. You should go and support our countrymen's business in foreign land.

He also brought me to sample some of Christchurch's finest desert in a local popular dessert cafe - Strawberry Fare.

dessert shop

Where we indulged in crazily sinful rich and moist cakes (keep a look out for my food blog soon for this one too).

cheese cake

At night we would sit at home in front of his big ass flat screen and sip wine and eat cheese with chutney while watching Slumdog Millionaire. Kiwi life, one has got to love it.

Danny's mom is one of those rare friendly awesome moms who allowed her son to invite travellers from all over the world to come to their house and stay and eat for free. They have a way to make you feel most at home that you can't help but to feel embarrassed.

Just before me, Danny hosted a Hong Kong traveller for a week who was visiting Christchurch in the guest room I was staying then.

Speaking of his house, he has a typical tree-hugging organic kiwi backyard where you can find all the locally produced fruit trees around.

One being the Feijoa fruit tree.

photo with feijoa fruit

feijoa fruit

Amongst many other fruits too.


lemons, not lime.

home grown strawberries

Before I leave the city and country altogether, I was brought on a walking tour around Christchurch to see some of the typical tourist spots you'll find in town.

Like the famous Christchurch Art Gallery.

christchurch art gallery

And its famous colorful staircase. Which we shamelessly took millions of photos on.

me on colorful stairs

danny jumps
Danny jumps

nicole jumps
Nicole jumps (photographer fails)

colorful staircase of art gallery

colorful stairs
distant Danny

danny posing in art gallery staircase
near Danny

final pose on colorful stairs
cool pose

And then the guards came and we had to run. :p

Then we visited the Cathedral Square.

Cathederal Square and cathedral

Where you'll find the strange metal sculpture in the centre in front of the Cathedral.

kissing Cathederal Square

And a shot of me with one of the hundreds of similar Cathedral I've seen around the world.

Christchurch Cathederal

And the inside.

inside Cathederal

And the pope's chair.

im the pope

I'm just guessing. I don't think it's the pope's chair.

Fallen angel.

Then continue to act silly almost everywhere else, Danny being my ally.

holy grail

If you can't tell, I'm imitating the angel with the sword at the top.

I also spotted Captain Cook somewhere near a fountain area.

salute statue

Well, that's the end of my long New Zealand trip.

With that, I left Christchurch and headed back to Australia.

But not before heading toward Perth before flying back to Malaysia as my final stop.

Bye bye Christchurch. I lup you. *hug*

hugging big metal

Yes I know. I'm loony.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, looks like a great place!

  2. Nice place Nic. Very Scenic indeed.
    Thanks for being my window to the world.

  3. Christchurch was certainly sweeter with you around.

  4. That dessert cafe/restaurant is Strawberry Fare, not Vivace.

    And Foo San has one of the yummiest dim sum ever! I love their Char Sau Su (I don't know how to spell it at all!) Ah, basically the filling is that of char siew pau, but instead of pau it's pastry...super yums!

  5. Hey you, the pictures are simply amazing!!! Makes ne wanna go there with you right this moment! Can we can we?

  6. i was just going to point out about Strawberry Fare. It's a shame that you didn't sample the local steak/fine dining as well. And it seems like Danny didn't bring you to the jewel of Christchurch - its gardens. SPring is a good time to visit chch.

    *another reader from chch*.

    ps: FooSan rocks - but the old ChinaTown (Lin's Restaurant) has pretty cool DimSum YumChar too.

  7. I normally don't read blogs but I did read yours yesterday in The Star.
    That one about your mum and you. Honestly, it was touching. It made me remember my own mum who passed away about 13 years ago.

    After reading your blog, I miss her. I have looked at your blog. It's better than most. You are a fine writer for one so young.

    The best writings I have come across are the ones that are written straight from the heart. And obviously, you have a big one.
    Keep it that way, and you will be fine for the rest of your life.

    --- Tiberius

  8. just wonder. ur job to travel only?

  9. I never knew New Zealand has such a beautiful cathedral! And I love the sculptures too!

  10. Nice and creative wallet..
    You can sold it to your fans.
    Make me one..