New Shoes and Fleeting Images

Bought my mom a pair of new sport shoes today for our Vietnam trip tomorrow.

This is the first time I'm travelling with one of my best friends (a guy) with my mom.

She's thinking of adopting him as a godson. LOL. Funny mom I have.

reebok 2

Pair of fresh Reebok.

Wanted to get a pair of Nike plus which was my mom's initial choice but then decided that this was more comfortable for her to walk in. Afterall, she didn't need Nike plus shoes anyway. I, on the other hand, should get a pair.

But now she said she's going to reserve the shoes for her Korea trip next month cause she don't want to use it yet and want to wear her old sport shoes tomorrow. -.-;;

reebok with blackberry

I was contemplating if I should bring my Xpax plan Blackberry Curve 8250 along since there seems to be a lot of free wifi service all around Vietnam. More so than Malaysia. o.O

Even if I can't use my data plan, well, msn on the go won't be completely impossible.

Oh god. Should I? I can't live without Twitter. >_<

Anyway, if you ever stalked my facebook (like how people stalk other people's facebook profiles), you will find in my videos a video with my face stapled on it.

It's a short film my friend Edmund made + produced and conveniently insert my scene into the film to make it his experimental philosophical film - Fleeting Images.

Here's the trailer.

Turn out. Fleeting Images, with me as the main actress (kinda) and my "borrowed voice"
(no I do not sound like that, though I wish I do >_<), won the grand prix (grand prize in French, taught by Edmund) for the CON-CAN Movie Festival in Japan recently.
(click on link, register and sign in to watch the whole film)

Oh. My. God.

A film with me as lead character inside won a grand prize at a film festival!!
o.O o.O o.O

Edmund, do I get a sushi treat from your USD5000 prize? :D :D

ps// Last leg of New Zealand posts resume tomorrow.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. I want Tsukiji market quality sushi. Not cheap cheap franchise sushi ok?! :D

  2. I thought that film was quite long ago.

  3. Simon: Yes, but most film festivals don't disqualify films made a year earlier. So a 2008 short film competing in a 2009 film festival isn't that big a deal, definitely.