Finally back in London.

Just landed in London Stansted two hours ago.

It has now officially been more than 24 hours since I last laid my back on a bed.

God I'm craving for a bed.

The seats in Airasia X has been atrocious. I was eye-ing the first class seaters in their large luxurious comfort sofa with utter envy while I cramped at the economy behind, with a seater too hard and too straight to even doze off on. Though I had to admit this was by far their most comfortable seats. It didn't help that the plane was packed to the brink, with people of all races, not surprisingly a lot of Europeans.

Maybe it's the age. I used to be able to sit through just about any sort of transportation for long hauling hours. Give me 13 hours on a public Laos bus or 24 hours to Bangkok and I'd take it because it saves me a night and I get to rest on the go.

Come to think of it. That was just last year.

Quarter of a century does really take a toll on one's bodily limit. I should reconsider taking a more comfortable journey next time.

The last time I was here (England) was 5 years ago when I graduated. Jeez I miss this place.

Stepping out onto the cold winter air from the airport gave me a sense of belong, not so much at home, but a comfortable familiarity that I had once stayed here, walk amongst the people here, hearing the deep quirky ascent they have and shop at the local mart as if it were my neighborhood.

Those days were long gone. This return, I'm back as a tourist. All it left were bittersweet memories on the streets where I've once roamed, the houses I've once passed by and the supermarkets I've once waited for after hours discounts.

Anyway... it's 2am now. I should be getting to bed. Nite~!

And Good Morning to fellow Malaysian readers!


7 kissed Nicole

  1. Its time to wake up now!!!!

  2. hi nicole. can't wait to read your next update with some traveling pics.

  3. Back to london? u write as if ur london citizen *pukes*

  4. Thanks for letting me know that AirAsiaX flight to London is crap. I won't take it if I have to fly to London!

  5. don't sound like an alarm clock up there !! Nic has a wrist watch, hasn't she ??

  6. My my, I can't imagine what would happen to me this May as I'll be flying to London in AirAsiaX too! I'm also the kind of person who can stand long haul travel by just sitting on my own seat... but it was some ten years ago! :)