Far Away Land: Day Dreaming

I sat here, with another glass of wine in my hand. And I am thinking about the things that had happened to me over the past few years, and what I am about to do in the next few.

Uncertainties entrap me, despite the love and passion I have towards my work and career, I imagine myself standing at the peak of the mountain, alone, looking into the distance. Wondering why I am alone, wondering why no one understands, and I got lost.

Many stood here before, but they left, went to another peak to ponder. I remain, with the same old me, with the same old songs, with the same old thoughts. Why am I here?

Wind takes me away far into the clouds, into the distance, into the horizon far beyond my reach. My mind’s there, with the piercing blue sky, the birds and the sun, and a melody that lingers on around the scenic atmosphere. Hundred lumps of the big hill tops and small summits scattered the earth floor with white cotton clouds resting peacefully above. I flew around the white fluffs and occasionally dance through the chilled mist, spinning and turning as I please up and about in the sky.

I swerve down into the jungle beneath, running swiftly past thick tree trunks, squirrels and boars giggle as they race around me, moving frontward nonetheless; tall grass and vines hanging from the trees part miraculously as my body advances forward, shadow of the forest flickers through the corner of my eyes whereas my vision focuses on the blindingly bright light ahead that shone out among the sightless trees.

I dash out of the enclosed, and come upon a river so wide and vast, gushing to the end of the cliff and pouring down to the earth beneath. I dive into the crystals clear blue, sporting up with the otters playing tag with fishes and big fat salmons that are running away from our grasps. The rays refracts through the surface bedazzling the river bed into a topaz wonder. I swim deeper, with every breath bubbles are formed, wiggling up towards the light. And soon it is a weightless world of endless virgin azure.

I dive out of the water and find myself thousands feet above ground, pours jet out from the edge and fall to the depths, I soar above all those, a view of long thin waterline stretches for miles and miles away, a pink sun glaring just above the greenish grey peaks that corridors the ever running river.

Freedom, this is how I imagine it to be.

posing at Ta keo



14 kissed Nicole

  1. Sometimes I wonder, how you can write in such a great, beautiful words. Ahh.... this sound like a literature work to me. I love the way you describe your feeling.

    Hope that you've found your freedom.. and I know you will.. ;)

  2. Ehh...U've been thinking of going to the mountain top urself?...hehe...

  3. singaporegirl3/6/08 1:16 PM

    A little "Hello" from Singapore. I am new to your blog and now I am addicted :( Your blog seriously distracted me from my revisions for the exams. :x Lol.

    I like the way you write -- dreamy and yet detailed such that I can almost imagine myself there. Been to Cambodia just last year -- really nice place.

    I really enjoy your blog. Keep on writing and posting more travel photos (but less cam-whoring please, though you know you look good). Lol.

    Eagerly waiting for more of your travel pics and blog :)

  4. A traveller's soul is a searcher's soul. I'm sure there's a soul mate out there 4u. Good luck!

  5. windwalker3/6/08 6:08 PM

    Nice one!

  6. nice pic. i also just back form bangkok.

  7. It says here kiss nicole rite, to leave a comment?

    so i kiss you la



  8. Dear Nicole,

    First off, let me say that I enjoy reading about your travel adventures and tips - keep up the great work!

    I have also read your article in the Star, kudos!

    I hope that you take what I am about to say as constructively as possible because I mean it in the best possible way.

    If you seriously intend to write for the newspapers or magazines, you have to improve your English.
    This latest piece is fraught with grammatical errors, sad to say.

    I fully respect that this is your blog and you so choose to express yourself in however a manner you see fit, far be it unto me to judge you!

    Having said that, I hope you do make an effort to improve yourself in this area as it will propel you to better and greater things in your future, which I have the most fervent hope that you will shine one day, as your writing matures.

    Again, love the spirit and essence of your blog!

  9. little worm5/6/08 9:44 AM

    Nicole,cant denied that you are a bravely girl indeed.I used to read your blog....the more i read the more i explored...why i get used to feel that you are alone?there is void deep in your heart....

  10. brave? Only God knows. *wink*

  11. don't worry. u can be on top of me...heh heh...


  13. Hi Nicole

    I enjoy reading your stuffs in your blog. But somehow I reckon you're a sentimental and sensitive person. No need to tell whether I'm right or otherwise. Perhaps the word "moody" best describes the style of your writing and I do stand corrected.

    I enjoy travelling too. Wanna join me to do trekking in Nepal? Or may I ask whether I can join you as well in your next travelling adventure.