Fit for the Army - First World Hotel, Genting

Ever wondered how is breakfast served in the world second largest hotel of First World Hotel at Genting? (It was the world's largest by Dec 2006)

me in first world hotel
Sorry, lazy to find a Genting photo

Housing 6,118 rooms, the bloody 500,000 sq feet resort cum indoor theme park cum casino is one of the most impressive project ever to build in the world.

Everyone in Malaysia loves~~~ Genting. Yes? No?

Admit it, the only reason (gambling aside) that you travel all the way 1700m above sea level on a weekend, or even on a weekday, sometimes not minding a one day trip and pay over hundreds for a little cramp room in an overly cramp hotel with probably another few thousands (say 6000-10,000 ppl on a full day) visitors is just because..

It's kinda chilly up there.

genting cable car

Living in Malaysia, we get sunny weather all year round. And I mean HOT sunny weather. Not only that, it's humid! We hate the sun so much, we would pay hundreds of ringgits to stay in a little cramp room in an overly cramp hotel with probably another few thousands visitors is just to get away from the heat.

Yep, it's perfectly normal for a Malaysian to escape to 1700m above sea level for a one/two days getaway to hide in the clouds just because we don't particularly fancy our weather.

mirror cam whore

They have the rooms to accommodate, they have the entire mountain for space, they definitely have the facilities to entertain; but how on earth do they feed their thousands of guests on a daily basis on a free buffet breakfast?

people mountain people sea

They bring in the army of course.

Or at least.. skills used in military.

First, they assign two fully trained specialised chefs to each station.

chefs frying eggs
Chef 1 & 2 - position - egg fryers

Keep to an easy menu.

Instead of fancy looking bowls, they use tower containers to store the cereals.

cereal box
"It's almost gone, fill 'er up!"

As for the drinks?

It's orange juice.

orange juice section

Or water.

It's quite easy really. Served up to basic need, it's simple, fast, and efficient. Brilliant!

All you need to do is allocate a stand for food collection every few meters away or so so the crowd can spread equally across the level.

buffet breakfast genting

You'll find crowd surrounding the station holding their tiny plates waiting for sunny side-ups.

queuing for egg

Eating here, is like begging for food.

give me egg uncle

Don't underestimate a hungry mob though.

Despite sucky simply boring food and drinks,

it's a dog eat dog world out there.

empty fruit platter

Fruit platter - gone

Even the egg chef runs out of work in a jiff

no more egg
"No more egg, come back tomorrow"

Bloody hell, peanuts also not spared.


Chinese being chinese, this couple is taking every opportunity to save cost for lunch and dinner.

couple with lots of food

my breakfast
My table

My breakfast - not to bad

egg on toast
I love runny yolk on toast.

Ahh, I love Genting.

give me egg uncle



36 kissed Nicole

  1. least you manage to reached some of the food there..i gave up after 10 mins waiting for the food and i skipped the grub there..went to another place for paid food..mind you the presentation of the food there is appaling..

  2. Funny thing.. I go to Genting... I hardly gamble..Don't really like the expensive food there.. But i just like it there.. perhaps the cool air...

  3. Yes I love the balmy weather with lots of strategically placed Starbucks, Coffee Beans and Cafes. I find it quite relaxing. The fruit juices is very diluted. Its a shame. Other than that no complains.

  4. if it's juz 2 escape the weather, i rather go 2 cameron.. genting is way too much commercialized, anytime also crowded, anything also expensive, some more i dun gamble.. :P

  5. Haha! Photos taken at the First World Cafe! Was there over the Agong's birthday PH/school holidays weekend! You should have seen the crowds then!!! What you experienced is nothing compared to the crowds during that period!!!

  6. sorry, but i don't really love genting :S

  7. wah who u go genting with? Noticed the crumpled tissues by the bedsude! ha ha

  8. go genting without gambling ?
    u gotta be kidding me !

  9. hahahaah...i cracked up when i saw the picture of dat guy with the caption, 'give me egg'

  10. Love your posts on Japan! Awesome blog! Read about you in the Star.

  11. XD x 12 .... typical Chinese way of food budget

  12. waa.. sure u have good times with ur baby in genting hor? hmm.. so cold.. beside breakfast i wonder what u do up there.. tell lah.. was it a wild one?? hahahaa

  13. well done nicole!

    u really help us to express our feeling as a consumer

    i think they should do something about it...

    if u ever stay in first world deluxe room, the buffet breakfast in different restaurant is more worse!

  14. I prefer Cameron Highlands nowadays than Genting.

  15. Genting??? No no no... I've been going up to that place almost once a year since I was 5?! Given the choice, I won't even step into that resort if not for my parents (yes, they love to gamble but not to the extent compulsive gamblers).

    The food really sucks I have to say... sigh... and the food is rather expensive and tasteless? (couldn't find the perfect word for it)

    I still recall my college days when my friends and I purposely drove all the way up there just to have a cuppa of Coffee Bean or Starbucks. Those were the days!

    I can't understand why so many ppl like going up there... the room in First World is so small and they manage to charge such a ridiculous price per night. My days playing outdoor or indoor are over, and since I don't really gamble... so I don't see a point going up there.

    What are you doing there anyway?? Taking a break and relax while enjoying the rather cool wind? Hope you had fun there :)

    P.S: I like the Multicolor bag of yours :) I think that my wife will like it!

    Leo aka thule

  16. who are you?25/6/08 12:28 AM

    i'm sure a lot of hard pumping was the order of the day and night...
    cold weather, perfect for cuddling and keeping warm.. and who knows what else?
    notice the turtleneck?

  17. I have to agree that the mass produced food was horrible in First World Hotel. I ate for free everyday due to the RM 500 casino program where they give you food coupons to redeem if you use up a non-returnable (for betting only) RM 500 stack of chips.

    I stayed there for 4D/3N last December. I had a winning streak and lost RM 12,000 in the final night. I should have stayed 3D/2N. :p

  18. God, ur jokes are lame and discriminative. Doesnt mean that hes a punjabi u straight away can assume he talks like that. Besides, if that punjabi guy was watching ur blog he would be cursing u to hell right now!!

  19. stole a picture of u to put on my blog.

    sorry and thank u first! hehehe...

  20. Nicole, I really would like to make love to you.

  21. Nicole, me too..and please, if u prefer i dont mind if we do it threesome or foursome..i really dont mind.

  22. Joshua Chan25/6/08 1:44 PM

    His Nicole, this is Joshua Chan! Remember me?!?? I miss u!! Muaks! I miss spending time in Melaka with u dear!

  23. i want to FUCK your BIG TITS!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  24. u guys! go get a life! leave her alone!

  25. she got big tits meh? i thot like 50 sen nasi lemak only?

  26. Its funny to see people with no brains. Nicole entertains us with her blog and there are bunch or maybe the same guy trying to destroy her.

    Ignore them,Nic. You've done a great blog, but seriously Genting food sucks. Haha.

    Oh ya, you look great as usual.

  27. i never been to Genting b4.. =( i heard so many nice things abt that place. still i never been there. feel v much like "katak di bawah tempurung" :S

  28. why u pick on the poor hungry indian guy? he was just trying to have breakfast!

    poor indian guy, bad nicole!

  29. Nicole's secret admirer28/6/08 1:09 PM

    Nicole, everyone is going there for one or more of these 3 reasons:-
    1. Casino
    2. Cool weather
    3. Secret rendezvous

  30. i was laughing looking at those childish comments, go get a life, suckers...

    BTW, nice entry =)

  31. Nice post.

    Funny how u make the poor punjabi fella looking like he's beggin for some food. *lol*

    I visit Genting like once a month, always staying in First World Hotel, yet never got used to the free breakfast there. [Food there looks... unappetizing]

    Rather spent my mornings in McD or Starbucks.

    Genting is only fun when there's a bunch of crazy friends around.

  32. wow. sorry The breakfasr not to bad?? are u sure?. The hotel is largest in Malaysia, but the food is very bad.

  33. Ahh.. bring back memories!

    Was there a few years back and it was really a DOG EAT DOG WORLD. Malaysians at our best.

    I think it is possible... imagine: a barrier where everyone is waiting to run for the food. The cooks/chefs breaking out in cold sweat. And people stempeding over to the counter when the barrier is taken away.

    I think they might need the blardie FRU there! LOL >.<

  34. Anonymous said...
    wah who u go genting with? Noticed the crumpled tissues by the bedsude! ha ha

    24/6/08 12:15 PM

    wa.... true wor.... last few week I saw this blog with a picture with tissue by the bedsude but today i didn't see that picture already.

  35. Look at the handbag on the table, Nicole, you said you are poor how can you afford to buy a LV bag? Fake one? or Sugardaddy buy you?

  36. Hi Nicole, me & my husband enjoyed ur humourous blog on Genting. We are planning to go there next month but I really cross my fingers things have changed at First World Hotel(for the better ) after 2 yrs since you blog this encounters. Indeed, the chap with the "give me egg" caption makes us laugh so much. The poor chef photo kinda show him going under hiding just incase the hungry mob comes back for more , so hilarious :)