Langkawi - Heavenly Beds

Three weeks ago, I went on a Sailing trip in Langkawi hosted by Apxara along with some medias and bloggers.

nicolekiss apxara pillow

It was the desired getaway after the long haul roughing out in Indo-China and the ultimate pampering experience. Perfect timing if I can't say so myself.

nicolekiss cocktail

Langkawi - a land of the duty frees. Sun, sea, booze and chocolate. What more can I ask for?! It's the island for the chill-outs.

nicole at pelangi beach

It was the first experience for me taking the FireFlyz.

With half the price and half the time to get to the airport (it's only in Subang airport which is only 15 mins from my home), I already started the trip with a breeze.

Not to mention their 50 seater plane which made the ride really personal like you're sitting in a private jet.

fireflyz plane
Meet the Fokker 50 (serious, that's the name of the plane)

The luxurious pampering started when I reached my hotel - Westin Langkawi.

welcome of westin staff
Wow, I already feel like a celebrity

With lion dance and staff lining up in two to welcome our arrivals.

lion dance

We were then ushered for our welcome drink at their balcony. With views like this, Westin Langkawi has already blown my mind completely off even before I reached my room!

westin langkawi swimming pool

westin langkawi garden

It was Westin's little ways to welcome us, taking into aspects of every tiny details to make you feel at home. Like their quirky name tags which I found absolutely adorable!

westin name tag

Including this charming fruit platter with a greeting note in my room.

greeting card and strawberry
This is better than home, I don't get free strawberries with welcome note at home!

My room was a garden view deluxe equipped with their patented Heavenly Bed, shower, balcony and my very own 42 inch Plasma TV.

westin room

Oh, I love their heavenly bed. In the following two nights, I was sleeping stark naked on this superb king size all alone, all comfy and my god, it was heavenly. I super LOVE LOVE Westin's Heavenly Bed.

heavenly bed

Comfort doesn't come cheap though, priced at RM888 per room per night, Westin made sure it was money made worth. It's not everyday I get to sleep in heaven.

And I made sure it was cam-whored worthy for me.

camera and smile

pose in front of bathroom mirror

posting with big lcd tv
Plasma LCD!!

nicole on westin heavenly bed
heavenly Heavenly Bed

posing in hotel 2
Ai ya, forgot to photoshop my pimple away

sunglass strawberry pose
The Strawberry on my banner!

pouting at strawberry

And it comes with a free monkey! :D

monkey softtoy

As the night arrived, we were moved to Pelangi Langkawi for dinner. BBQ Buffet Dinner that is.

bbq dinner at pelangi
This photo looks poster ad-worthy

It was the loveliest settings by the beach.

dinner tables at pelangi langkawi

Warning: The following photos are plainly showing how much a good time and food I had, if you will be put off by mere sight for sheer luxury, immediately exit this window now.

nicole drinking cocktail

We have the ultimate selections between prime beef & sirloin steaks and the finest salmon

salmon and fish

& get this, LOBSTER. OMG OMG OMG

lobsters and prawn at pelangi bbq buffet
grilled to perfection

salad appetizers for bbq dinner buffet
Started with mocktail and salads with feta cheese. Mmm... cheeseeee....

It was a wide array of selections, I couldn't ask for a more fulfilling and romantic dining experience.

salad bar

dessert bar

me and chic wern
Me and Chic Wern - Apxara's bitch, sweet shy guy

singers at night
Singers serenading us by the beach

OH btw, let me introduce this lovely cocktail drink which I found during my stay in Langkawi that I adored to bits, among the many cocktails I had of course.


It's called the Grasshopper, usually served with Crème de menthe. I find that serving it with Baileys and milk was more of the perfect concoction. It was divine! Definitely a lady's drink.

The next morning, I had my waffles with chocolate sauce and peanut butter at breakfast. (It was the only thing I had for two consecutive mornings at Westin buffet breakfast. yum yum)

waffle at breakfast

With.... with....

A champagne.

champange at breakfast

Who cares it's morning. What is langkawi without booze?!

OMG I sound like an alcoholic now.


50 kissed Nicole

  1. I'm 1st....again!!!LOL...Hope to visit Langkawi soon!

  2. I would LOVE to sleep on their heavenly Bed! And use their heavenly shower too! Maybe I should buy them myself one day... :P

  3. l!ttLe wOrm12/6/08 9:21 AM

    Envy good to become a blogger.I like beach & good food sooooooooo much!Await 4 my trip to Redang in August!Nicole, do u wan to join us??

  4. you went so many places, i wonder where u get so much money to travel?!

  5. hi there!! love to read all ur writings.. can i bookmark ur blog?? *puppy eyes*

  6. it's only heavenly if u pay RM888/night, or if u r a famous blogger like Nicole.. sighzz..

  7. missycheerio12/6/08 10:41 AM

    Its such a great privilege to be able to travel and enjoy like this. :) How much does is the minimal cost to get a place at the hotel?


  8. Boss, so sexy the pic in the toilet. My nose bleeding liao.

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  10. picksickrick12/6/08 1:00 PM

    OMG OMG ...sleep naked????? *nosebleed*

    didnt take photos???? Y_Y

  11. Wow, so luxurious! The food's got me drooling...

  12. You have the coolest job ever!! I'm so jealous!!

  13. so divine !!!!
    wish someone sponsor me to go holiday ^__^
    u skin looks gorgeous despite all the travelling, nicole

  14. BTW thats crayfish, not lobster.

  15. i would have loved to sleep naked next to u on the heavenly bed and make sweet love to u! I can also fill your mouth with some white liquid at the same time too! heh heh

  16. windwalker, you are damn bo liao lor. what first and second, will u get money or benefit your life in any way by exclaiming you're first? -__- LAME.

    yeah.. it thinks crayfish not lobster! but crayfish is yummy enuff. OMG... looks like a wonderful holiday! i am deprived of one!! nicole u shud have enjoyed it with a partner/bf!!!

    -when is it my turn?

  17. wow... enjoy enjoy enjoy...
    I wish I could be there too... @@"

  18. What a nice pamper trip ... but for RM888 a night, gosh, its really a little too much but i guess its worth every penny you pay.

  19. of course the name of the aircraft is fokker 50..why so surprise?

  20. Hi, I love reading your blog. I notice that in one of your pictures (Singers serenading us by the beach)there are a lot of orbs at the background.Where is that place actually?

  21. anon & anon: it's a mini lobster cut in half

    doralin: the orbs are the dirt on my lense. dinner was in pelangi resort. :)

  22. Yep i get that too on my compact. it's reflections off dust particles.... not ghostly apparitions vis a vis SHUTTER! :) Would be cool though

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  26. nice hotel. that's why i'm working hard to earn money now! hahaha...

    anyway, just to point out that there's no such thing as plasma lcd. plasma is plasma, lcd is lcd. they look similar but are two totally different thing.

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    Maybe... Sleep walk (^_^)

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    he's very hamsap!

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