Everything Happens For a Reason

I'm a free thinker. I have my own beliefs, and I believe there is a third being that created the world and everything we are. I call him god. He is neither Jesus, Buddha, nor Alah. He is just god. There is no other name I would call him.

Since young, I believe I am gifted, blessed and loved tremendously. I believe I am different and god might have loved me a little bit more. Everything in my life has been well laid, they're not exactly smooth sailing, but I would say I grew up pretty easily, despite the horrible depression age I went through in primary and highschool. However, I have yet to meet a bad person in my life, I still have both my parents who love me unconditionally, and I have a brother who gave me handphone (hey it's a big thing coming from him), and amazing friends who are endearing and caring. :D

When I was in school, people didn't understand me, simply because I'm weird. I think differently, act differently. I had aweful results in primary and teachers hated me because I was tall, ugly and stupid. In high school, I was unpopular, a nerd with glasses with no sex appeal; boys made fun of me and I was anti-social. I have wild imaginations, and I have wild dreams; everyone thought I was too far in the clouds. My mom thinks so too. But then again, isn't life itself a dream? :)

I have always preached to my friends that everything happens for a reason. And I believe strongly in it. Because you see, I think that god loves me a little too much to let me go through life difficultly. Many things that appear to be obstacles in life are his little ways of protecting me from greater harms. For example. if I were to choose between two decisions, god has ways to show me signs to decide which is the better option for me; like a cancelled interview, or falling sick, or even a late confirmation. If it rains I can't go out, it would be mean that I'm not meant to go out, it could be an accident that might happen to me, or a party that would turn out terrible due to the rain.

But sometimes, god loves me in ways I don't understand. Like today, I'm supposed to board a flight from Shenzhen to KK, and then take another plane from KK to KL. And all of a sudden, I got a message from Airasia informing me that the flight was cancelled due to typhoon somewhere near KK. I was swearing halfway on the bus from Shenzhen-Hongkong border to the airport.

You see, I got the sms before I board the bus in Guangzhou, I didn't check my phone and arrive in Shenzhen safely, boarded another bus to Shenzhen airport. It was only when I was arriving at Shenzhen airport that I saw the text. This meant that not only I travelled all the way to Shenzhen for nothing, my flight from KK to KL will be missed and forfeited. Wasting time, and money.

Upon arriving at the airport, I went to the Airasia office to enquire other alternative. Apparently, they are willing to reimburse another flight ticket, either at a later date, or to another location other than KK. So now, I am waiting in starbucks for my flight to KL tonight at 8:45pm.

Which is great! That means I don't need to change flights at KK and will be heading to KL directly! Even though that also means I have to sit in Starbucks for 8 hours.

When I looked back, I realised that not checking my phone and missing the sms by 3 hours was actually a good thing. Because if I were to see that sms while in Guangzhou, I wouldn't have left Guangzhou (and might book another flight from Guangzhou airport to KL that will cost me an arm and a leg). Now, not only I can get avoid a typhoon, save the extra journey, I will be sitting in starbucks having the time to finish my long forgotten paper.

It's funny, cause I was pretty stressed out and frustrated and swearing and cursing. And god has put me through all those emotional roller coaster before revealing the good news to me.

I love my life, and I'm happy of the things are running right now. Because no matter what happens in the future, I know I'm well taken care for. And by taking a step back to look at life, you'll discover, it's not that difficult to understand life afterall. :)


32 kissed Nicole

  1. Behind every good things that happen, there might be a bad outcome, behind every bad things that happen, there always a good out come.

    Try look at things positively and stay happy!:)

  2. hey, yupyup, i do believe dat everything happens for a reason, tho sumtimes i do disagree wif it, but most of the time, i have to agree wif it, coz given time, u'll soon realize dat it's true, u may not b able to see it now, mayb coz ur angry, sad, disappointed etc, but given sum time, it will reveal itself. ive had my fair share of it, anyways, this is my first entry into ur blog, been followin it since u first appeared in the star paper, i like ur blog, all ur lil stories, great job, and btw, have a safe flight later tonight, take care, cheers :)

  3. Yeah. definitely agree with you, sis.
    Things always happen for a reason... But then, are you 100% a free thinker?

  4. luck it seems have everything to do with oneself. With a correct mindset or thinking you have establish a flow, a rythmn. It has gotten you at any one point you desire. You not reading the sms is because its a habit of not checking you phone every now and then. So that how you got the airport without a relization of flight cancellation. being inquisitive as you are, you another direct flight back to KL! So in some parts god reside within ourselves which molds into destiny.

  5. sometimes politics aslo influences our step and rights. so, our master mind must brings a good influences to all.Staying with happy and enjoy must take all part in. tq

  6. www.liangkakchean.blogspot.com22/6/08 3:51 PM

    sometimes politics aslo influences our step and rights. so, our master mind must brings a good influences to all.Staying with happy and enjoy must take all part in. tq

  7. It's great to hear that you do feel God love you all the way (or a little bit more).. hehe..
    I personally feel the same too. I feel lucky for having things that I've (for example my small eyes.. Lol..)

    I believe God love and help everyone who never give up themselves. He's there guarding us. However not everyone can feel this because human beings perceive things in a different way.

    Btw Nicole, have you heard of 'The Art Of Living'?

  8. Yea, you have a point there. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, you have to go through a emotional or physical roller coaster ride only to come to the good thing. Sometimes the roller coaster ride itself is too much to take. :)

  9. I share your thought but the only thing i would say is, i don't think God is of a particular gender!

  10. i thought a free thinker dont believe in god too? *confused here*

  11. God forsake me, and human being around me seems to be not much thing but a bunch of backstabbers and liars! In reality, my friends are ME, MYSELF and I. I feel so ALONE! I'm kinda surprised that I haven't gone nuts or killed myself yet. I have always felt that bitches fare better than me, and I dun exactly know what to do with my life. I want to try to live life to the fullest, but I don't know how. And these days, I kept thinking about death and how many people would benefit from my death, because I planned to be an organ donor. I bet my parents will be aghast if they find out what I'm thinking. They have always think that dead bodies should be buried whole. While me, I think the organs have better use if it's harvest. After all, when you're buried, it'll be decomposed anyway.You're lucky Nicole. You have a lot of people who loves you and support you, and though life is not always a bed of roses for you, but things always turn out better for you. I wish I can say the same for me, but I couldn't. Be thankful and grateful for what you have, Nicole, because you don't know how it's like to be like someone like me.

  12. Nicole, I know you desire to have sex. I will pleasure you more than the first time we made love.

  13. Dear Nicole,

    Things do happen for a reason. I was surprised you believed in that. Always remember that good things do come to an end. You are probably too young to know who P.Ramlee and Bruce Lee actually were. They died at a very young age. They were famous at one time. Too sad to see them leave. Anita Mui is one of them. Getting too famous too young is good in one way but bad in another way. That is not to say the same will happen to you. But, staying a little low is good sometimes. Remember, our GOD is a jealous GOD. GOD wants us all to love him. Does not matter whether you are a free thinker or not. GOD is over us and he knows everything. Bear that in mind. Be humble. Always.


  14. Nicole,
    Your post on 'Everything happens for a reason' really touched me.. i teared while i was reading it cos i share the experience too. In fact, right now I am really upset and disappointed with some decision being made. But when I read your blog, I told myself that God has arranged something better for me although I may feel sad and down at this moment. Thanks for your inspirational post! Keep it up!

  15. I think God is fair to all. Everything happens for a reason, but we are not always the reason things happen. Life is fair, everyone is dealt with as many cards. Whether we play a good hand or otherwise depends on our own inner resources. It can't be good all the way, or we'll end up empty shells of a person, sometimes pain & tragedy in our lives mould us into better persons if we don't allow situations to break us. Sometimes the worst of things brings out the best in ppl. Look at the Sichuan quake for example, does God love the innocent children any less? Yes everything happens for a reason but our little minds cannot comprehend the vastness of the universe, we are merely atoms in the scheme of things! Even as u travel pls stay safe & keep writing your thought provoking pieces! God bless.

  16. great to hear that u are ok :)

    sometime try to pray or talk to the god when you need any help, advise or direction...

    may god bless u always~~

  17. Hi, I totally agre with you. Everything do happen for a reason. I have similar fate like you while I'm in Primary School and Secondary School.I was extremely underweight, very dark, not smart and quiet. I was outcast by my school mates when I was young. However because of these I have more time to study since no boys want to date me. Those popular pretty girls didn't pass with good grades and need to either study for another year or go to some wu loo schools.

  18. I'm not a free thinker... as I do have a Guan Yin statue at home which I pray to almost everyday (unless i didn't come back home). However, I couldn't agree more that everything happens for a reason...

    Thinking back all those time when I was such a stubborn son-of-a-@#&$ (pardon my language), it took me almost a year to realise this simple fact of life. I've changed 180 degree now, and always look at the bright side of life no matter how suck life can gets :)

    As for you... it's good to have something that you believe in.. otherwise there won't be any purpose in life. I think it's karma... maybe you have done such a good deed in your previous life that you become on who you are today...


  19. I agree with you Nicole, nice write up.

    It is nice reading the comments people left on your blogs. It does looks like you have a lot mindful and caring readers.

  20. Just want to leave a note to say how I enjoyed reading your travel-blog posts. Very glad to encounter travellers who seek beyond the usual shopping spree and being able to see the region as it is and recognising the cultural diversity that is surely being lost to irresponsible tourism. I've been meaning too and trying to travel the region myself and am touched to read about others with similar interests as well. You are like the occassion traveller that I meet when travelling and as much as we are from different worlds, we all share similar afinity towards respecting cultures quite disimilar yet mysteriously familiar.

    This post is a particular sample of why you draw liberal and understanding readers, save for the few babe-watching irritants, because your winning formula is not to be overtly obtrusive but politely frank and open about thoughts and beliefs without being didactic and offensive. I'm not saying what I think I know is a good blog but what I enjoyed reading about yours. This post drew my attention because i do share familiar understanding of what you are saying about personal beliefs. One thing I appreciate about not being attached to any minister is that we are able to open ourselves to aspects of various way of lives, finding our place without having to constantly defend ourselves from the fallacies and associations/generalisations that comes with religions itselves. Arguments about whether someone is 100% of a certain kind of belief or whether god is of any gender is not really of any concern. Nor does it really matter if one looks towards Guan Yin or God or Allah or Yehweh. What is important most probably would be the 'right' kind of inspirations that one draws from their beliefs and how they apply them in real life.

    I guess not everyone enjoys the same comfortable situation but like what some of us here say as well, life deals us that particular hand and how it's just a matter of how we play it. Let's just hope we all get the best out of what we have and be sane enough to share experiences with others.

    Thanks for drawing out my thoughts with the post and thanks to the other commenters for sharing.


  21. i want to jiss ur face so badly

  22. That's why I like this quote, "Life is a like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get".

  23. I think it's interesting how you attribute stuff to other things like God, when it could just as well be luck and you searching for the best of a difficult situation.

    I often have trouble taking credit for things, too, even if I did try pretty hard myself. I'll think something like "I was lucky (or something) for my abilities to be good enough in this situation." It's just weird to see it in somebody else though.

    You know, some people in the exact same situation wouldn't have been so happy about it. Your perspective and belief has a bit of impact on things.

    I don't know whether there's a god (can't say there's not), but whichever way it really is, it looks like your way of thinking is working well for you. :)

  24. hi, is good that you believe in God. God is almighty, all things are possible with him.Just a reminder, is God not god, is better to address God with capital letter. :)

  25. what r u talking about nicole?
    u still dun have sex appeal!

  26. Hi Nicole,
    Reading this entry of yours is like looking at myself in the mirror. How similar we feel and went through life. It's good to know that I can relate to someone on these matters. I thought I was going bonkers already!
    Keep posting!

  27. Nicole's secret admirer28/6/08 1:03 PM

    Nicole, you are a confident girl, aren't you?

  28. Dear Nicole xiaojie..

    Partly, I hafta agree with u... The other part (much bigger that is), needless to say that they are arguable.

    Btw, after browsing some of your postings, I can say that u r gifted as what u claim u r.

    Probably we could talk further about this?


  29. Someone told me d same thing before I read this post 2 weeks ago.

    She said, everything happens for a reasons we do not know now.

    I wish I can figure it out too.

  30. Hi Nicole, I strongly believe Everything happens for a reason.. In fact, I was searching for some quotes that's related to this, and there! I found your blog.. I am going through some rough times now, filing for divorce.. and bump into my ex-bf.. and story goes on..

    I am a free-thinker like you too.. believe there is 1 god up there looking upon us.. :)taking care of us..
    take care,