Divana Massage & Spa, Bangkok

No where offers better massages than Bangkok does, You can't step foot onto Thailand and not receive a massage, it's blasphemy, in fact, you can't even if you try. They're everywhere; on the beach, in the small alley, in your hotel, next to your hostel, in the malls, on an island, in your room (personal masseuse service), and they come in all price range, from the ultra budget to the extremely luxurious.

Divana is one of the most awarded spa centres and franchise in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand. You can check their long list of awards and coverage on media on their website.

I had the fortunate opportunity to receive pampering 2.5 hours session of massage and scrub at the Divana Massage & Spa outlet on 7, Sukhumvit 25 in Bangkok. Their scrubs are made in-house from fresh ingredients and you can select the oil you like for your massage, on top of that you get to decide where you would like the masseuse to focus on or to avoid without needing to converse with the locals, all can be done and understood with a mere fill-in of a form prior to your massage.

Divana also produces their own range of skincare and beauty products, most of which were utterly divine. I left the spa centre with bags of lotions and collagen gels (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), ranging from 750 - 4000 baht. Worth every baht.


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